10 Things You Should Never Say To Your Wife On Her Period

10 Things You Should Never Say To Your Wife On Her Period

1 Jul 2022 | 3 min Read


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Menstruation is a sizably important part of a woman’s existence. While some women are blessed with low hassle periods, others are not as lucky. A woman’s body is preparing itself to conceive, which means there is an enormous change occurring inside her body, leading to acute discomfort. Two weeks prior to a woman’s period her body is imitating pregnancy. Once the protective lining sheds due to the absence of a baby, she goes through a week of uneasiness. Husbands can be quite naive towards a woman’s menstruation cycle adding to the existing discomfort. Here are a few things husbands must stop saying to their wives on their periods.

1. How do you bleed for five days and not die of blood loss?

During the course of a woman’s menstruation, she loses not more than two tablespoons of blood, while the rest is made up of water regardless of the intensity of flow. This is why a woman does not die.

2. Does it hurt?

Most husbands are tiptoeing around you trying their best to be sensitive while being extremely curious about the entire process. Yes, it does hurt. An entire lining is falling apart in shreds.

3. Let’s protect the bed sheets so they don’t stain.

First, women do not bleed out intentionally and they have no control over their flow. Second, looking at the stained bed makes your wife a lot more uncomfortable than you think. Suggesting she use a newspaper makes the situation awkward for the both of you.

4. What does PMS stand for?

No, it does not stand for ‘Public Menstruation Society’ or ‘Post Menopause Syndrome’. It is a self-explanatory term ‘Pre-Menstrual Syndrome’. Do not ask a woman a question this, as it will only provoke her to rant out her frustration on you. You can use the internet to satisfy your curiosity.

5. At least you’re not pregnant! That’s good, right?

The price a woman has to pay every month for not getting pregnant is just as bad as getting pregnant. So, no! That is not good.

6. FYI, I’m not buying you tampons.

Why do husbands find it awkward to go to the supermarket and buy their wives a pack of sanitary napkins or tampons? A husband who is willing to do this for his wife without hesitation becomes a superhero! The cashier knows they are not for you, so why fret about your masculinity?

7. I guess I’ll just talk to you in a few days then.

Women are not monsters during their period, but sure are in pain. Try reducing the burden of the household chores by lending a helping hand. Pamper her and distract her, and she will love you for the effort you are putting in.

8. Aren’t you going to do the laundry?

Your wife is aware of her stained clothes and all the laundry piled up, but she is weak and uncomfortable. So, cut her some slack.

9. I hear exercising is good for cramps.

Maybe, but not when a woman is oozing out blood. Exercising will just make it worse.

10. Oh! That’s why you are cranky.

Do not say this out loud when you find out your wife is on her period. She is not trying to be disrespectful to you. Her hormones are making her cranky.











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