10 Things You Will Get If You’Re A Punjabi Mom

10 Things You Will Get If You’Re A Punjabi Mom

18 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Punjabis. Known for their culture, cuisine, and candour. A lot can be said about Punjabis, not to leave behind the wholesome entity that is the ‘Punjabi mom’. If you are a Punjabi mom, you know that there are some things we do that are sometimes just characteristic of the title. Here are 10 things you will get if you are a Punjabi mom.

1. You can never understand the concept of cornflakes for breakfast.

“Cornflakes? Do you want to starve all day? Eat some paraanthas with extra butter, puttar!” Let’s face it. Us Punjabis can never consider cornflakes as food. You want your child to have a good, hearty breakfast to start the day and cornflakes just never makes the cut.

2. Your child always seems to appear underweight to you.

No matter how much your child weighs, she could be growing out of her clothes in months even. However, to you, she would still look underfed. After all, she is a “khaande peende ghar di kudi, how can I have her ‘diet’?” which in your dictionary translates to ‘starvation’.

3. You are always the proudest mom at PTAs.

Mrs. Sharma’s son may be the topper of the class but “saada Bunty thodi nu ghata na? Look at his Science marks” You never miss a chance to see your child shine even in the tiniest of things. To you, he will always be the best no matter what and you are never fail to take pride in everything he does.

4. Your child never returns home with a half-eaten tiffin

You will always have a clean tiffin returned home. Your dishes are just that tasty. Sometimes you begin to question, is your son eating the food or are his friends eating it? Nevertheless, you are always happy to pack some more in for his friends as well.

5. Nothing can touch your child, not even the cold.

It’s not wrong to assume that Punjabi moms can be over protective. But, we take pride in that. If it is the cold you are protecting your child from, you will make sure he has at least 4 layers of clothing on him before he steps out. Not to forget, the muffler and the beanie.

6. Your house is always guest-ready.

You always have some form of a beverage stocked in the fridge, extra tea leaves and not to forget food readily stocked in your house. Guests can never go hungry. This is the very reason most of your children’s get-togethers always happen in your house.

7. Wet kisses and tight hugs are a regular for your children.

Being the affectionate people we are, we also don’t fail to express it as openly as possible. Your children need to be shown how loved they are, and this is how you do it. As annoyed as they may seem by these hugs, they surely love them!

8. Your children’s’ whereabouts are important to you.

Being the over-protective mom that you are, you can’t help but worry and freak out if your child is late. You prefer to be well-informed and aware of where he is and what time he’ll be home. Besides, a few 10 missed calls won’t do anyone any harm.

9. You have got emotional blackmail nailed and *whispers* you secretly know it.

A little drama hurt no one. Of course, the emotions we feel are as real as it gets, however, being the expressive women we are, a little exaggeration here and there is normal.

10. More drama than the kardashians!

As we know it, drama crawls in our blood. Not just the women, but the men too. We define Bollywood. Hence, you know that your house could, in fact, be telecast on TV for all the dance, drama AND comedy that takes place. However, that’s what makes us who we are and we certainly aren’t the least bit apologetic about it.











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