10 Things Youll Only Get If Youve Had A Normal Delivery

10 Things Youll Only Get If Youve Had A Normal Delivery

19 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Childbirth is definitely the most physically challenging part of motherhood. Normal deliveries and C-sections are quite different. Child-birth requires a lot of physical effort and exertion from you. You’ll know this, especially, if you’ve had a normal delivery. Below are a few things that you’ll only understand if you’ve had a normal delivery.

1. More Than You Expected

A special feature of childbirth is that you’re going to have to give birth to the placenta after your child. Once the baby is out, you have to get rid of all the placenta inside your body so the doctors might ask you to “push” once more after you’ve given birth. It’ll feel weird but after pushing a child out of your vagina, this is a piece of cake.

2. Uterine Massage

In order to stimulate the contraction of your uterus so that you don’t keep bleeding, nurses may periodically give you uterine massages. You’ve probably learnt after the first time not to get excited at the sound of a massage. These can get really uncomfortable and painful because everything is sore. But unfortunately, they may be necessary.

3. Stitches

The chances of your vagina tearing are not as low as you hoped for. It’s very possible that this might happen while you push your baby out (as if we didn’t have it bad enough). This will require stitches which are probably going to be sore for a while. This makes peeing a fun challenge.

4. Random-Discharge

You would think that after having a separate birthing session for your placenta, you’d be done expelling things from your vagina. Sorry to break it to you, but there’s going to be a lot of activity going on down there. You might randomly feel something flow out of your vagina. This is just the body getting rid of all the stuff that built up in there during the last 9 months.

5. Vaginal Care

In lieu of the stitches and trauma that you’ve just faced down there, it’s only natural that you’re going to need to take very good care of it. It’s probably quite surprising to realise how much care it does require and the variety of ways in which you can clean your region.

6. Poops-during

There is a high probability that you will poop while giving birth. This is because there is a baby coming out of you. It is no small creature, which means it’s exerting an extreme amount of pressure in that entire area which includes the bowels.

7. Poops-after

Pooping after is a horror. You feel like one wrong move and it’s game over for your entire vagina-bum area. It hurts and it’s still delicate from the trauma so no matter the consistency of your poo, it’ll take a while before you can poop again (properly and without fear). BUT, YOU WILL POOP AGAIN.

8. Hubby Bye-bye

You might resent your husband for a while after giving birth. This would be exacerbated if your baby comes out looking like him. No matter the love we have for our husbands, it’s not easy to forget that he’s the reason your body had to go through that fresh batch of hell.

9. The New Me

Your vagina is going to be different from then on out. I hate to repeat myself, but you did just push a HUMAN BEING out of there. You’ll still be surprised every now and then for a few months, as you find new bits and pieces you hadn’t noticed before. There maybe some dangling bits. It paints a beautiful picture, I know. you’re welcome.

10. Better Safe Than Sorry

You’re going to be wearing diapers and sleeping on disposable sheets for a while. There’s a lot of blood. The plus side is, all of us who were squeamish around blood probably got over that.

All in all, you get over everything in a couple of months or weeks. Because at the end of the day, you now have a tiny little monster that’s all yours. The love you have for your baby makes everything seem not-so-bad. It may even make you want to do it all over again!











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