10 Tips To Wake Your Child In The Morning

10 Tips To Wake Your Child In The Morning

5 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Here are every mommy’s favourite and successful ways to wake their little angels up from sleep:

1. Peaceful sleep

Your child needs to sleep soundlessly in order to have a comfy and relaxed sleep. Try to maintain a calm and silent surrounding when your child is asleep so that they will wake up fresh from their nap.

2. Ample sleeping time

A child needs to sleep for about 7-8 hours so that they are active throughout. If you’re waking your child by 7 am, ensure their bedtime is around or by 11 pm.

3. Keep an alarm so that your child has to turn it off

Put the child’s alarm clock in different places, where the child will have to turn off the alarm clock manually.

4.Alarm without snooze

Your little one’s fingertips are swift with the operations of a mobile phone. They are smart and they might hit the ‘snooze’ button on the alarm, and they would return to their slumber.

5. Let the sunlight in the room

Let the sunlight enter your child’s room. According to medical science, when the sunlight falls into the room and especially on the bed, your child will take just 10 minutes to wake up from sleep. It is annoying, but yes, effective at best!

6. One-on-one exercise practice in the morning

Light body exercises are just as good for your child’s body, as well as stretching legs to make them fresh and alive. You too can do some basic stretches with your child to motivate them.

7. Bountiful breakfast

A delicious breakfast is one of the best ways to get rid of your baby’s sleep in the morning. Such a yummy breakfast will awaken his taste buds every morning and break in the early morning.

8. Hide laptop, mobile phone and TV remote before sleeping

At least 45 minutes before sleeping, prevent your child from watching things on laptop, TV or talking on a mobile phone.

9. Spray some room freshener

Sprinkle a little freshness with a blend of exotic fragrances. Use a couple of sprays in your child’s room and your child will sleep peacefully!

If nothing works….

10. Turn off the fan!

This one is every mother’s last resort and it is the most favourite ways to wake the child. Indeed it is deemed as an evil deed(for humour) but it really works. Turning off the fan will easily help you in waking your child from his deep sleep. Imagine if adults can wake up, this one will work wonders!