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10 Ways To Boost Your Fertility Xyz

10 Ways To Boost Your Fertility Xyz

22 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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When it comes to having a child, most of us would think of it as- Have some good sex and..poof!! You’re pregnant. But do you know this is not how it works, in fact, this is not how any of these things work? To get pregnant you need to know when you’re ovulating and according to that, you need to manage your functionality.

Did you know, that even a minor stressor is enough to throw your body out of whack and reduce the strike rate?

But worry not ladies, here are 10 awesome ways you can try to boost your fertility:

1.Watch what you drink

Research has finally claimed that drinking alcohol will decrease your ability to conceive. It is responsible for altering the levels of estrogen which may cause interference with the implantation. Also cut down on your caffeine if you’re trying to conceive or if you’re pregnant. It tends to interfere with your hormones and getting pregnant can be difficult.

2. Bon appetite

Eating food rich in proteins, zinc, iron, vitamin C, and don’t forget the D (vitamin D) in your diet! Any deficiency of these nutrients, it could give you longer durations of menstrual cycle thereby less ovulation phase and more likely to have a miscarriage.

3. Not too heavy not too light

Your weight needs to be in moderation so that your menstrual cycle can be regular each month. Also, you must get your BMI checked and you should preferably be between 19-24. Anything beyond that is dangerous and unhealthy.

4. Cervical mucus assessment

Your cervical mucus is a good way to assess your fertility. It changes its color and texture and the quantity throughout your cycle.You have more mucus when you’re in your fertile period and less when you’ve just finished your periods.

Ovulation period gets over when you see that the mucus has become extremely thick.

5. Drink Water

You need to keep your body hydrated so that it will easily let the sperm find and fuse with the egg. Drink enough water so that your urine is light yellow in color. It indicates healthy urine.

6. Visit the dentist

Did you know, that if you had a gum disease, your baby can be born prematurely and be underweight! Your oral health can determine a lot about your pregnancy. So, visit a dentist and keep those 32 in a tip-top condition.

7.Manage stress

Getting pregnant can be really stressful as you have a pressure to bear from everybody. You need to keep calm and have no anxiety or tension at all. You can do yoga or resort to meditation techniques and acupuncture to feel calm and composed.

8. Leave the lube behind

Some lubricants kill the sperms even before they can reach the egg. Your body will be able to produce enough fluids to keep you moist and going!

9. Have plenty sex

Bang and let it out as much as you can. Two..three..four times a week hurt nobody. This way you’ll get pregnant faster and you’ll not miss the days you’re all fertile.

10. Don’t do this after sex

It is alright to sweat and have a steamy session..but only in bed. Refrain from going out for runs and hot tub baths. They will raise your body temperature making it difficult for you to get pregnant.











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