10 Ways To Help Your Child Love Reading

10 Ways To Help Your Child Love Reading

27 May 2022 | 5 min Read


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Reading is one of the best hobbies that anyone can cultivate. However there are going to be a set of people that are going to say that it’s one of the most boring hobbies ever. The goal for you as parents is to see that your child isn’t born with that mindset so that you can show them the fun side of reading and then let them choose whether it’s boring or not.

As a hobby it helps your child to grasp the language better, it stimulates creativity and lets their imagination run wild and it also increases their knowledge. It’s pretty obvious that for these reasons you as parents would want your child to develop this beautiful hobby. But do you have a say in it? Yes, of course you do! Your child doesn’t enter the world with the pre-conceived notion that reading is boring. So here are a few steps you can do to make your child a reader:

1. Read books aloud to them.

The fox killed the sheep?!

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Notice a child’s reaction when you read a book to him in which suddenly a fox eats the sheep, the horror can be seen on their faces. Reading aloud makes it more interactive. For children who are yet to learn to read, a good story will embed that curiosity in them, making them want to read once they grasp the language. Make sure to change your voice on the basis of the characters in the story and just watch your child’s face light up with joy and excitement.

2. Have a wide variety of reading material.

Book options should be as diverse as this.

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Children often consider reading boring because more often than not they are exposed to text books kind of things in their respective schools which do not interest them one bit. Ensure that you have a wide variety of books at home — -like comics, short story books, poetry books etc. Your child can then choose what interests him and he/ she will be exposed to a variety of literature.

3. Take a child’s interest into account.

Your child’s reaction if you read books that interest them.

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At the initial stage’s it is important to see that your child is involved with books that interest him/her. As parent’s it is your duty to find out what interests them and either let them read such books or you read such books to them. This is one of the key steps to see that your child isn’t afraid of books.

4. Use your child’s favourite stuffed toy as their reading buddy.

See what a difference a stuffed toy can make?

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A lot of children find reading boring simply because it’s a hobby in which you are alone. Now a child would not like this lonely feeling and craves for friends and attention. So when you are reading a book to him/her or they themselves are reading try to make sure that their favorite toy is with them acting like a friend.

5. Teach them the importance of reading and caring for books.

When they realize how important books are.

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You know the importance of reading but obviously your child doesn’t. So whenever you read to him/her tell them a little about the importance of reading and reading as a hobby. This will see that they care for the book too.

6. Conduct activities while reading to them.

This how they picture the story, ask them to draw and unveal their talent.

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A child can’t sit idle in one place doing nothing but to listen to a story. It’s natural that they are likely to get frustrated. So it’s important you make it interactive. Ask them to draw the images of what they pick up while listening to the story or ask them to rewrite it using their own imagination.

7. Show an interest in your child’s readings.

What an encouraging site!

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Your child reading is important to you, so make it look like it too. Whenever you see him/her taking an interest in some story by asking you questions or they themselves sit and read, encourage them.

8 . Let your kids see you read.

Read but slightly more seriously.

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As parent’s you are the role model for your child as they are growing up. It’s natural that the way you behave to some extent at least influences them as well. So if you read they might just think a little bit less before picking up a book.

9. Set a library day.

Library day is here.

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Set one day of the week when you will take him/her to the library after their school. This will allow them to choose the kind of books that interest them and also it will bring about exposure to the wide variety of books available.

10. Have them tell you a story.

That’s how they feel when they tell you their stories.

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At the end of the day you want to know how your childs day went. Instead of asking him to simply narrate it you can ask him to tell it to you in the form of a story. This will help your child develop a unique love for stories.

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