10 Ways You Can Make Your Kids Mindful Of The Bad Touch

10 Ways You Can Make Your Kids Mindful Of The Bad Touch

1 Jul 2022 | 3 min Read


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This is a very sensitive topic so make sure you keep the conversation serious, but light. Your child may not really understand the seriousness of the issue, so make sure you stress the importance of understanding ‘Good touch’ and ‘Bad touch’ on your child. Here are 10 things to keep in mind when you are having the conversationHere are 10 things to keep in mind when you are having the conversation

1. Give them ownership of their body

Teach them that they are the only people who have control over their body and no one else has the right to their body.

2. Use appropriate language

When your kids gets to a certain age they will start to get curious about their body. It is good to use the actual names of the body parts so that you can teach them about their body in a mature way.

3. Keep the conversation light

Your child may not completely understand the importance of the issue, so make the conversation light in order to hold their attention.

4. Use the swimsuit rule

To help them understand which of their body parts are private, use the swimsuit rule, which says that if your swimsuit covers it, then it’s your private body part and no one should touch it. This will only be the beginning for them in terms of understanding the importance of the topic

5. Teach them about safe touch

Safe touch is a friendly touch that is shared among friends and family. Make sure they practice this, so that they can differentiate between a friendly touch and a bad touch. Friendly contact like handshakes, hugs, and pats on the back are considered safe touch.

6. Teach them how to say “NO”

Make sure they learn how to say no in situations where they aren’t comfortable. Tell them how they never have to agree to do anything that they don’t want to.

7. Make use of books

There are books with pictures and easy text explaining good touch and bad touch. These will keep your child engaged in the conversation as well as help them understand better.

8. Tell your child to always trust their instincts

We don’t give a kid’s gut feelings enough credit. Most of the time, kid’s themselves can tell when they are in safe hands and when they aren’t. Teach them to acknowledge their gut feelings

9. Role play

This is a very effective method of teaching. It not only grasps their attention, but also help them understand better in a interactive way.

10. Never force affection from your child

This is something you should not do as a parent. Don’t make your child do things like give hugs are kisses when they are uncomfortable. Teach them that they are not obliged to show affection to people if they don’t want to.











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