10 Weird Beauty Hacks Every Girl Must Try Atleast Once

10 Weird Beauty Hacks Every Girl Must Try Atleast Once

19 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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In the rumble and roll that is an everyday lady’s life – the struggle and battle for flawless skin and bright smile in the flurry of time is real and widely understood.

Peppermint Oil Gives Life

Peppermint oil isn’t only a breath – freshener and body ache – reliever; it’s also a lip – plumping pro! To give a fuller and more profound effect to your lips, mix a bit of peppermint oil to your lip gloss before applying. One of the many properties of oils is their ability to keep moisture intact and protect the skin from dryness. A dulcet combination peppermint oil with lip gloss works similarly – this amalgamation keeps your lips moisturised, plump, and popping for long!

Hairspray & let live!

This abominable struggle is only heightened for those with long and flowing locks – the grab and grope for hairpins and clips comes with it! An openly secret trick to stop those sliding pins and to make those loose strands kowtow to you is with a spritz of hairspray! To avoid the rearranging and re fixing of hair throughout the day – invest in a good hairspray and spray some the product over the hair at the start of your busy day. Hairsprays stiffen your hair and help maintain the style – all the while keeping it flexible and light!

T- Shirt Stops Frizz

The maze to air – dryed and non – frizzy hair has been solved! Mornings and straighteners don’t go together, so we’ve solved the puzzle. Make use of that old, ratty T – shirt whining away in the closet by rubbing your hair with it instead of a towel. The T-shirt able to soak water quicker, and will leave your hair less damaged and brittle when done!

Orange is the New Black for the Bag

Get revenge on all those all – nighters and overrun parties by using orange concealer to cover those dark circles! Orange concealer brings depth to the eyes, while subduing the dark bags of a leary night underneath. Correct it, sponge it, conceal it, and voilà!

Lip Balm to Nails

Your trusty confidant in those dry times can be used for nails too! No matter how hard you try, there will always a little flick of nail polish sneering at you from the rounded edges of skin around your nail. To wipe that sneer off its face, apply some lip balm around those edges before painting your nails. This makes those flicks easier to wash off after.

Call it a Code – Red

Since the very inception of make – up,one archaic product that we simply swear by is the red lipstick. Known to brighten up any blank face and rejuvenate the senses, red lipstick is very much part of the go – to game in any beauty emergency. Apply a coat of slick red when in dire times and call it a day

Mermaid by Morning

Mornings and straighteners don’t go together – and neither do curling irons. To avoid the wrestle in the curling iron when you’re running late – simply braid your hair into a loose fishtail or french braid and spray some hairspray to make it stick the night before. Once you wake up, wash your hair and emerge as one of the singing sirens of the ocean.

Floss – Liner

One things completely and utterly impossible on a late morning is the perfect cat – eye. However, there is one complete canon way to do the trick – use dental floss! Created by Instagram makeup guru Make Up by Sugar, this trick involves applying eyeliner on the dental floss, and then using it as a stencil for the top and bottom of the wing of your cat – eye.

Soda for Self – Tan BlundersSoda for Self – Tan Blunders

Baking Soda is not the saviour for not only baking blunders, but for self – tan blunders too. Whether its with using the itchy kind, leaving it on too long, or simply using the wrong shade – we’ve all been victimized by the self – tanner. To cure you of your gaffe, simply use a paste of baking soda and a body scrub of water to get rid of that hideous orange!

Heat is an All – Rounder

Heat…whether it’s the sun’s iridescent rays, a campfire’s comforting flames, or a steaming cup of coffee on a tired morning – heat works wonders on everything it touches. Call a ceasefire on your battle with beauty and heat up for mascara wand to make it more flexible and add more depth and definition into your eyelashes.