The Brightest Stars: A Tribute to our Super MomStars

The Brightest Stars: A Tribute to our Super MomStars

MomStars are the building blocks of BabyChakra. Every opinion, every suggestion counts. So we spoke to 4 of our Super MomStars about how they find BabyChakra helpful, and what do they have to say about their children and Mommyhood.


About BabyChakra


Priyanka Dawer 

Babychakra is certainly a good platform for mothers where you can discuss your problems with other mothers in town. You don’t need to test out something as the experiences of other mothers are available. I also read reviews on Babychakra before going to shop for my child, before taking her to doctor. It is certainly one of the best Parenting apps as it gives flexibility of discussing your issues with paediatricians and other experts on other live sessions.


Harneet Khurana

Being associated with Babychakra has been nothing short of a privilege! Helping other mothers who are just like me is a noble cause in itself. It is such a wonderful platform for moms who might be clueless about the range of options available in their own vicinity or city. I wish Babychakra success always!

PS: I love all the treats that BabyChakra gives me :)

Chaitali Chandrana

Babychakra helps me find small things everywhere - from finding unique stuff or a new place to visit with my children. Instead of searching on Google, I like to look up the lovely BabyChakra APP. It is friendly as I can find a review which I can trust and plan accordingly. I am not just writing out of the blue, but have truly tried and tested the APP. 


Ankita Popli 

Being a mom star is an honor indeed. It’s your identity. Every time I introduce myself as a BabyChakra mom star to others, it elevates my confidence. For housewives like me, being a MomStar is a great motivation!

BabyChakra is definitely very helpful as you get an opportunity to participate in events like live chats with India's leading doctors (pediatrician, gynecologist, etc), find activity classes and much more. Being a mom star, you get to connect with other moms like you, where you can share your views, gather information, enjoy lovely surprises or meets and so on. BabyChakra Momstar becomes more like a guiding star for other moms. I am absolutely privileged being a mom star!!


About their children and Mommyhood!

Priyanka Dawer 

Every child is special so is mine :) She is just a year old very active & spiritual too, though the list is long. She is a blessed child. I just love her.

Being a mom is very responsible thing, I have got the opportunity for nurturing the child for better tomorrow. The best thing being a mom is that I have got friend for whole life:).


Harneet Khurana


Both my children are our family's lifelines. While one is absolutely naughty and I can hardly keep myself free, the other one is a peaceful diva. I can't thank God enough for these 2 gems that he has bestowed me with.

Being a mom is undoubtedly the biggest blessing of all. The love is unconditional and the smiles are worth all the craziness!

3. Chaitali Chandrana

My son is 18 months old and loves babychakra logo, sometimes I start background music and write reviews with him :-)

Being Mom itself makes me go back to my childhood and playing fun games and toys with my kid.


4. Ankita Popli 


One special thing about my son Arhaan is that, he is a very 'happy baby'. He gels up very easily with everyone. Never ever bothered me at all for anything, he sleeps and wakes up on time. Arhaan is very naughty (what I always wanted him to be) and his super cute smile makes me forget everything – it’s a stressbuster.

A good thing about being a mom, is when your children grows up into wonderful young men and women, and you know you had a part in it. It is the joy and the responsibility which you cannot compare with anything in life. Experiences may vary but ecstasy is the same. Motherhood is a blessing!

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