What Is Love? - Answers MomStar Jyothi

What Is Love? - Answers MomStar Jyothi

One Sunday afternoon, while my daughter was out with my husband, I was home alone for the next six hours and was too bored to do anything. After some lazing around, I decided to explore the mysterious maze, my book shelf. I got comfortably seated trying to look for something which would trigger my memories.

And I chanced upon the most appropriate one, my autograph books from my school and college. I dusted it and started reading them. What grabbed my attention was the various definitions of love given by my friends.


Very clever, instead of making a fool of yourself by writing some crap just write this and you end up sounding like a person who knows everything about Love. That was too intelligent of a 16-year-old, I mumbled.


..God! give me a break, you mean to say that love kills you?? I was clueless of how baffled one could get.

This is the limit! I wouldn’t expect a non-whacky definition of love.



I didn’t relate to any of these, I would call love a creative force or an abstract emotion. Abstract because we can’t visualize love, can we? I think every individual in the world loves himself more than anybody else. We may deny saying that we love our parents, spouse, children more than we love ourselves.

If I were to define love, I would say that if you can treat another human being the way you treat yourself, then you can be sure that you love that person. You always think of good things in life for yourself and want to make it big in this world. You want to celebrate your win. You feel extremely disappointed when you lose. You pray to God to keep all your troubles away. 

Think of at least one person for whom you would wish all the above. Be honest and ask yourself, I bet most of you might end up naming one, two or may be five. Some probably get lost between Love and Lust, in belief that love can happen “At first sight”. I quite differ on this one. Love takes several years to develop and matures with a lot of patience and care, but it lasts till eternity, unlike infatuation, which is short-lived. The description of love given in certain movies and books may have created some pseudo-beliefs.



So if you love a person, you are committed to that person for a lifetime. For example, the wife of famous mathematician JOHN NASH, stood by him during the most turbulent times of his life because she loved him as much as she loved herself or may be more, else she would have given upon him knowing that years of medication and her hard work, couldn't help him recover the deadly psychological disease “SCHIZOPHRENIA”. You don’t give up yourselves when you fall ill. You try to help yourselves out of it. That is exactly what she did.

So the next time you utter those three magical words think twice. You might not love someone as much as you love yourself, but can be somewhere close to that. And, don’t you ever agree to the catchy caption of a Bollywood blockbuster “Come fall in Love” as nobody can fall in love, they can only rise in it, like John Nash did.

 “True love isn’t found, Its built”


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