Here’s why every mum needs to have an affair

Here’s why every mum needs to have an affair

8 Feb 2016 | 4 min Read

Preeti Athri

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She was fed up, and looking into the mirror was adding to her frustration. She looked 10 years older, thanks to the dark circles and pale skin. There was a bang on the bathroom door. “Mama, come out!” her 2-year-old screeched. She was in no mood to answer. Instead, she looked at her flabby, stretchmark-riddled tummy, her sagging breasts, and sighed. 


The pretty black dress she’d ordered online didn’t fit like she thought it would. It now lay in a heap on the floor, along with her confidence. Nothing seemed to be going right. She bit her lower lip and looked at the mirror again. 

Her reflection was laughing. “What’s so funny?” she lashed out, anger rising fast.  The reflection (let’s call her R) smiled and said, “You think too much girl. There’s too much going on right now. You need to relax. Have an affair. I think it will do you good.” 

“What?” she blurted, blinking. R replied, “Your life needs a change, and an affair is just the thing. And guess what? Someone is actually waiting to have one with you.”

“What? Who?”  She asked, hurriedly brushing away images of handsome ex-colleagues from her head.


R chose to go on, “This person loves painting, music, chai in the rain, has a good sense of humor, is an optimist and most importantly, knows you and admires you.


“Now please tell already!” She persisted, inquisitiveness now swelling up her throat. 


Reflection teased, “Curious, aren’t we? Listen carefully. That person my dear, is YOU.”


She opened her mouth then paused, as she tried to make sense of what she heard.

R continued, “You, my dear. That part of you buried deep inside the external shell of insecurities and inadequacies. Have an affair with yourself.”


After it sunk in, she responded, “But…I’m me.”


R cocked her head sideways, “Are you sure? Because I sure see someone else. I see a woman trying too hard to be the perfect mom, an ideal wife, a domestic goddess. I see her putting herself last every time while trying hard to please and pulling herself down when she fails. And then I see her crumble in spirit, and neglect her health.”


She just stared, so reflection continued, “So here’s the plan. Be your own Valentine. Go on a date with your hobbies and interests. Whisper sweet words to yourself for a job well done. Hold hands with a healthy routine and hug yourself on rough days. Share a laugh and enjoy in the sunset of every learning moment. Compliment yourself; you’ve brought a life into this world! Dress to kill, for you! And most importantly, gift yourself the time for this rendezvous, even if it’s a few minutes. This secret will be all yours to savour.” 


With tears in her eyes she asked, “Isn’t that considered selfish?”


R’s voice softened, “Honey, being a mother or wife is a part of your life. It isn’t your whole life. And besides haven’t we all heard, ‘it’s only when you love yourself can you love others’? Do it, and everything else will fall in place.”


She smiled a bright, full smile. “I think I’ll have this affair.”


Reflection smiled back, “Wise decision.”


“Mama, out!” The banging became urgent. “Coming, sweetie,”  she said, as she wore her confidence back.


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