5 Fun Couple Photo Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here and I can't seem to remember the last time I celebrated it in a big way post the birth of our baby. Parenthood, sure, is overwhelming (sigh!). If you are riding in the same boat with me, here are a few inspirations to head out and make great pictures this Valentine’s. In pursuit of good photos, love shall follow  :-D 


1. The Big Picture: Include your little Valentine in the frame for that perfect family photo. 



2. Sunset: Watching the sun go down by the beach is a classic romantic idea. Throw in some interestingness with a prop or an accessory for a frame-worthy picture. 



3. Coffee date: Coffee tastes good with your loved one across the table. Click your Valentine moment at your favourite cafe or the hangout you frequently visit together. It definitely will stay close to your heart. 



4. Nature Trail: Nothing beats the freshness of early morning in the midst of nature. Plan for a nature trail, walk hand in hand or ride a bicycle or motorbike for old times’ sake. 



5. Piggyback: When was the last time you piggybacked on your partner? May be never, so try this idea out. Giggles guaranteed. 



Happy Clicking! Don’t forget to share these awesome photo ideas with all couples you know :-)

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