Baby's Development Milestones: 2 - 5 years

Baby's Development Milestones: 2 - 5 years

Two Years

A child of 2 walks freely on the ground. She can also go up and down the stairs by herself. While going down, she may stop on each step with both feet before taking another step.

She can stand up on her own from a supine position. She can now climb onto and come down from furniture without help. She is on the move all day long.

With her building blocks, she can now build a tower of 6 cubes. When shown how to, she can imitate a vertical stroke with a crayon or a pencil. She can now turn single pages of a book.

She may now imagine different situations and start playing make-believe games. She can imitate others and wants to be in the company of other children. 

Your child can now make simple sentences and may keep chattering all the time.

The child gives you the first signal of bladder control at around 15 months of age when she starts telling you that she has wet her pants. After about 18 months, she is mostly dry during the day, but may wet her clothes occasionally. Help your 2 year old to pass urine before she goes to sleep, and she may remain dry throughout the night.


Three Years

The child can now walk up and down the stairs on her own. She goes upstairs on food per step, and downstairs two feet per step. She can now build a tower of 9 cubes, can pedal a tricycle and hold a pencil in her hand instead of in her fist. With a pencil, she now copies a circle and imitates a cross.

She knows her age, name and sex and ask questions like 'Why'? 'Where'? 'How'? all day long. She should have a vocabulary of 300 or more words. She may be able to count up to 10 and sing a few songs and nursery rhymes. She imagines new games with objects and with people and her friends.


Four Years

She can now stand on one foot for 5 seconds or more, walk upstairs and downstairs on her own with one foot per step, draw a circle, copy a square and cross, and tell a story.


Five Years

She can stand on one foot for 10 seconds or longer. She can dress and undress herself, copy a diamond and use a spoon properly. She goes to the toilet and manages to clean and wash herself. She loves to hear new stories, songs, jokes and simple riddles and then ask others to solve them.


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Source: Book - Guide to Child Care by Dr R K Anand

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