Mansi Mehta Pincha

Meet Mansi, a very vivacious chartered accountant and ex-banker, now doing her own business.Was great chatting with her! Her enthusiasm at doing well in her own business and still managing quality time with her little baby was infectious!

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Very well said n truly inspirational

Sounds like so much fun.

This is so well written.

I wish I knew this before

I have to complete my CA final papers which I could not pursue after marriage.But I feel so weak these days plus when I start again I stress over it as I want to complete it till old course exist which is in 2020.If you can give me some valuable advice I would be very happy

This is so well written.

corporate job is difficult to leave after u hav settled in ur comfort zone.. gr8 move..

Sanu 7318767882

Inspirational for me.....

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