The Brightest Stars: A Tribute to one of our Top MomStars – Sneha Singh!

The Brightest Stars: A Tribute to one of our Top MomStars – Sneha Singh!

On Parenting:

A constant struggle to find sure footing between the two demanding worlds of SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) and that of a working mother summarizes my life. I am a communication professional who is adept at charting and executing communication strategies to strengthen brand image. At other times, I am also a speechless mother when my toddler tactfully tries to swap his time-outs with a forceful peck or a tight hug!

I Love BabyChakra because:

Reading, writing and networking is as much my professional requirement as my personal necessity. How else a first time mom in a new city with no help could have survived motherhood (till date!). Search for help, authentic information and guidance to raise my LO in a new city and like-minded friends led me to BabyChakra. To me, Babychakra symbolizes a chakra, the circle of give and take, of sharing and contributing to an information bucket, circle of care for Moms and babies, the circle that completes and grows a network of well-informed, aware and happy moms and babies.

In these past 10 months that I have been a MomStar with BabyChakra, the community has grown to become my ready reckoner for anything and everything about being a MOM. A well-rounded Mom perspective and child care information is always a message away. And this is always borne out of their personal experiences and not just from social media or hearsay! This helps a great deal in making critical decisions for my little boy. My search for fresh cow’s milk for my son or, various home remedies for usual baby problems has only one solution now – the fabulous group of Babychakra mom stars! A diverse group of enthusiastic and helpful moms is what one requires when the motherhood takes a toll on you – emotionally and physically.

Besides it is a platform to voice our ‘mommyhood’ stories, frequent opportunities to win gifts and vouchers, it has also been a medium of inspiration for me. I have come across so many passionate ‘mompreneurs’ right from lingerie consultant to art & craft makers that it has given wings to my dream and hope of opening my own child care facility.


Thank you BabyChakra!!

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