School, school, which one do I choose? This one or That one?

School, school, which one do I choose? This one or That one?

In today’s times, a successful school admission is as good as a lottery ticket won! There are many factors determining the decision, some even not so reasonable ones, plus the fact that they happen at a really tender age of 2.5 – 3.5 years.

Yet, there are some things that must be struck out on your list when you start this rather difficult project:

1. Proximity from your residence: Proximity helps. Convenience of pick up and drop, or, time spent by the little one in travel may be wise to consider. On those bad days, you may even get a call to pick your child up due to ill-health, when reaching there fast will be the only thing on your mind. 

2. Recommendation by an expert: Having spoken to a lot many mothers, I have realized that parent recommendations could be biased. But still, if you must, then you should really find a knowledgeable person who would give you a fair picture, instead of reasons to choose their favourite school. A request here – Please do justice too when someone is enquiring about your kids’ school - Be objective in terms of education system, transport facility, timings, teachers’ ability to manage such a naughty crowd and yes, FEE structure with hidden elements.

3. Infrastructure: Don’t take infrastructure for granted, despite the fees. In a city like Mumbai, space in the school must always be considered. Young children need open spaces to play and also to engage in extra-curricular activities. You might also want to take a tour of the school and check hygiene levels, the toilets for example.

4. Boards affiliation: These days, one is spoilt for choices when it comes to selecting a curriculum for your kid. But how do you decide? You don’t know from the word ‘Go’ whether your kid would want to take up science, math, arts or commerce.  If you scour over the internet, there are various opinions on ICSE, CBSE, IGCSE and IB, given that there’s a clear drift towards national and international curricula over state boards. Who doesn’t want their child to become a global citizen, after all? Some insights on BabyChakra might help here. 
About IB, IGCSE vs IB

5. Evaluate School brand: Some schools are building up their brand nowadays and operate through a chain of franchisee outlets. However, the core philosophy, management and staff approach may be different, so it’s not advisable to go just after the brand. It may be worthwhile to evaluate the school’s management, number of years of existence, performance of senior grade students from the school among others.

6. Peer group: Man is known by the company he keeps. Peer group acts as a great influencer as your child grows up. In ivy league schools, there are chances that your kid gets exposed to things which lead to undesirable expectations. On the other hand, if you go in for schools run by communities, chances are that your kids are drawn to their regional dialect and thoughts. Again the question here, is what to choose and what to lose? 

I must admit here that there’s no guarantee for a foolproof decision even after wracking our brains on all these aspects, there are factors beyond your control too and it’s better to be mentally prepared for those as well.

Whichever school you send your child to, he/she will get shaped up both at home and school, so it’s better to count on what you can do for your child. 

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Note from BabyChakra: The views and opinions expressed in posts are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views held by BabyChakra, its founders or, employees. If you find yourself violently disagreeing with something and want to educate the world as a mother, please contact us about writing an article of your own voicing the contrary side of the issue. BabyChakra is not responsible for the accuracy of any of the information provided herein by the bloggers. However, we respect the choices that the mother or parent has made, and trust that he/she has done her own due diligence.


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