7 Most Recommended Gynecologists in Delhi

7 Most Recommended Gynecologists in Delhi

While I was planning motherhood and later when I was expecting, the hunt for the right gynaecologist was a tricky one. I realised that asking other women around helped quite a bit, instead of trying my luck with many. So, I can’t emphasize enough how important is a good gynaecologist in a woman’s life! To help you find the right one in Delhi, I have put together this list of some of the best ones, based on the recommendations of BabyChakra’s Mom community.


1. Dr. Deepa Singh

“Dr. Singh is the best gynaecologist in Delhi. My mother-in-law and my aunts are her patients from decades. Even, in my case, she handled everything very smoothly” says Momstar Gurpreet Kaur. “At the time of my younger son, I had a high-risk pregnancy. I was so nervous, but she suggested me to go with my mother's instinct and to deliver my baby naturally, which I finally did”, Gurpreet adds.


2. Dr. Rinku SenGupta 

Our Momstar Nidhi Virmani’s friend appreciates Dr. Sengupta and says “She is not the one who will say flowery words to you or spend hours in assuring you about your smooth pregnancy. But, yes she is one of those doctors who is available any time for her patients”. Nidhi’s friend adds “she is very professional and will always guide you towards a healthy and natural pregnancy and delivery”.


3. Dr. Uma Sareen

Dr. Uma Sareen is a renowned Obstetrician and Gynaecologist in South Delhi, known for her composed and caring nature. She treats her patients very well, just as you would like a family member to be treated. “She is a gynaecologist, known to prefer natural childbirth. She doesn't hurry, will listen to all concerns and will answer them logically and patiently”, says Stutii Bubna, a mom community member at Babychakra. 


4. Dr. Manjit Kochhar

A Mom I know said, ”I have been a patient of Dr. Kochhar for 5 years and will continue to see her whenever I want to try for a second baby. Going through so many fertility treatments was never so easy for me but Dr. Kochhar was always supportive and explained all options in a clear and concise manner.” Dr. Kochhar is an IVF specialist and runs her own clinic at Jor Bagh.


5. Dr. Tripath Choudhary

Dr. Choudhary practices general obstetrical and gynaecological care at Fortis La Femme, Delhi. Our Momstar Misha gets a motherly feeling from her, Misha says” she was my mentor throughout pregnancy she is soo mother-like and soft spoken, yet she’ll scold you if you are not taking things in the right way”. Misha adds “Dr. Choudhary is one of the most experienced gynaecologists in town and always prefers natural delivery”.


6. Dr. Manorma Bhutani

Dr. Manorama Bhutani is the Director of Obstetrics & Gynaecology at Fortis La Femme. A Mom friend says, ”I have been to different gynaecologists but Dr. Bhutani is by far, the best. She has the most amazing bedside manners and connects with her patients very well. Above all, she hears you out patiently and always makes it easy to talk to her.”


7. Dr. Mamta Saxena

BabyChakra Momstar Ankita says, ”I had a problem in conceiving but when I consulted her, I conceived within a month. So, for me, she is no less than GOD”. Another mom star Prisha adds, ”Dr. Saxena believes in positivity as an essential part of healing and motivates her patients who tend to get low due to their ailments”.


Ladies, once you find your Dr. Right, don’t forget to share your review here. Many mothers like us will find it helpful!

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