Pregnancy Week 16: Activity

Pregnancy Week 16: Activity

Time for a babymoon with your partner!

Once your baby arrives, you and your partner will have very little time to be alone with each other, so this is a perfect time for a vacation away! Pick a holiday destination which is easy to reach, has medical facilities and enough activities which you will be able to enjoy as a pregnant mom. And by activities, we mean lying on a lovely relaxing beach in the sunshine!

Choose your destination wisely - a ski resort may have been an ideal getaway before your pregnancy, but you may regret this choice when spending the whole day inside looking out at the mountains from your window! Make sure to discuss your travel plans with your doctor first before making any final decisions.

If it's not possible to get out of town, make time for date night with your partner and enjoy some local activities - even a stroll in the local park together can help you reconnect!



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