Cloth Diaper Or Disposable Diaper? This Will Help You Choose

Cloth Diaper Or Disposable Diaper? This Will Help You Choose

14 Mar 2016 | 3 min Read

Pallavi Utagi

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Advanced Cloth Diapers are fast gaining popularity with the conscientious Indian parents. They serve as an alternative to super convenient disposable diapers that are commonly used for new babies and toddlers.

To know the basics of these Advanced Cloth Diapers, you can read here.

In this article, we compare disposable diapers with the cloth diapers – starting with the similarities, and then the differences.



The above similarities make Cloth Diapers a great alternative to get the convenience of disposable diapers in the goodness of cloth!

Now, let us have a look at what really makes the Advanced Cloth Diapers different as compared to disposable diapers.

The basic difference of course is the composition of the diapers and their very nature. Disposable diapers are Use & Throw, while Advanced Cloth Diapers are reusable.


 There is a huge difference in the environmental impact of both these types. Advanced Cloth Diapers come in one size, thus they are required lesser in number while disposable diapers, by their very nature, are ‘single use’. A baby needs approximately 4000+ diapers from the day it is born till it is completely potty trained.



When it comes to the money spent, Advanced Cloth Diapers turn out to be significantly cheaper over a period of time. They however require an upfront investment as against the disposable diapers that call for spending over a period of time.



Thus, each diapering system has its benefits and challenges. It is up to the parent to choose as to what they would rather have touching their baby’s bottom, Cloth or Plastic.


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