How Colours Can Change Your Child’s Life For The Better?

As I strolled to the market yesterday, I saw stalls with water pistols and colourful powders heaped high one after the other, all in readiness for Holi, the festival of colours. It made me wonder the reason why there’s so much colour in our life. So I delved deeper.


A newborn baby though born with accurate eyesight has difficulty distinguishing colours of similar tones, such as blue and green or red and orange. That’s the reason she prefers high contrast colours like black and white, and patterns. No wonder, infant mobiles, toys and teethers are all in primary colours.

I remember one particular instance that took place a long time ago. My mother was dressing up my little brother in a red shirt. My grandmother came into the room and asked my mother to remove the shirt. “The red will make him more aggressive,” she said. Yes, my brother was naughty and prone to hitting and biting when things didn't go his way. 

Back then I had thought my grandmother was just cooking it up. Now, I am not sure though. There has to be a connection between colours and a child’s psychology. So I studied a bit about colours and their significance in a child’s life. Here are some of the most interesting findings:

The colour Red is often associated with danger, passion and aggression. Red also stimulates and energizes the body. If your child gets excited easily, it’s better to give this colour a miss. On the other hand, the colour red can increase your child’s athletic ability. 

Yellow is the colour of Sun and is associated with happiness, warmth and motivation. Soft shades of yellow can increase concentration while brighter shades can stimulate the memory and increase metabolism. However, too much yellow can lead to feelings of anger and frustration and result in an over-stimulated baby.

1. The colour Orange like yellow has positive attributes. It inspires creativity and puts children at ease. However, too much orange can lead to over stimulation in babies.

2. The colour Blue is the exact opposite of colour red. It promotes calmness, peace and soberness. It cools the body. Hence, children who are prone to throwing tantrums and display aggressive behaviour may benefit from spending time in a blue environment. It makes sense to use a considerable amount of blue while doing up your child’s room.

3. Green is the most neutral shade, may be because it is the colour of life – the Nature. No wonder, it provides vitality and soothes the eyes instantly. It reduces anxiety and promotes concentration in kids.

4. The colour Pink, though feminine, creates a calming atmosphere and evokes the feelings of compassion and love. No wonder, little girls absolutely love pink.

5. White is the colour of purity and happiness, and it can have a calming effect on the environment, including your child.

6. Violet has the stability of blue and the energy of red. A child can benefit from the balance of these two contrasting colours.

You see, colours are so much important for a child’s psychology and behavioural pattern. It makes sense to make kids wear clothes as per their moods and personality and furbish their rooms in colours that promote positive energy. Also, the next time, you want to colour your kids pink, blue and green on Holi, think about their personality and colour accordingly.

Happy Holi!


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This is so well written.

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Everyone has the different choice in colors and thinking too. You ask them to check that which color they like and which they don't. I ask people on because we discuss our things there.


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In childhood, we lot's of fun and sometimes we pick colors so we through it on other faces. Really golden days.

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Kohi Vani

This is so well written.


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