5 Fun Ideas To Celebrate Easter With Your Kids

5 Fun Ideas To Celebrate Easter With Your Kids

21 Mar 2016 | 3 min Read




 Here are a few ways to celebrate Easter with your kids:

Learn about Easter: Growing up in a non-Christian home, the chances are your kids don’t know much about Easter apart from the fact that it involves chocolate eggs and bunnies. This year take the opportunity to teach your kids about the magnificent Easter, how Lord Jesus arose from his grave on this day and showed us that the God loved people who loved others and believed in Him. Teach your kids the values of Easter – to love each other and live in harmony and peace.


Read books and movies: There are many Easter specific books and movies that you can read and watch with your kids. These are some of the books you can read to your kids: What is Easter?, The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story, The Story of Easter, etc. Similarly, watch these ever popular Easter movies with your entire family: Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo, It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown, and Funny Little Bunnies.



Visit a Church: Take your kids to visit a nearby Church to attend Easter mass. They will enjoy the nicely decorated church, peaceful service and exchanging of gifts. They might not understand much or be able to receive the communion, however they can sit and observe the entire service, and can even even receive a blessing. 

Bake goodies:
Easter is about cooking and baking sumptuous meals and treats. Bake things your kids will enjoy like Bunny and egg shaped cookies, cupcakes and hot cross buns. Not many know that hot cross buns are eaten on Easter Day, as they represent the Cross of Jesus. Interesting fact, huh?!



Get crafty: 4 consecutive days holiday is a long time to keep your active kids busy. Indulge in some Easter crafts with your kids. Dye hard boiled eggs in bright colours or paint intrincate designs on them, or wrap cane baskets or recycled plastic bucket to hold the eggs. Eggs are considered special, as they are associated with new life when the shell breaks and the chick comes out. There are plastic eggs available in the market, in case your kids are not comfortable painting the real ones.



Play Easter games: It’s fun time! Organize an egg hunt in your house, backyard or the garden where you hide chocolate eggs, candies or other such tasty delights and your kids find them based on the clues you share with them. You can also play games like egg and spoon race, egg toss, egg roll, etc. 



 Like any other festival, Easter is synonymous with eating well, lot of bonhomie and enjoying life to the fullest. 

Wish you a grand and happy Easter!

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