Colors of Change – Shop for Organic Colors this Holi!

Colors of Change – Shop for Organic Colors this Holi!

A lot of us love Holi - the festival of colors, but shudder with the thought of the harsh chemicals in colors available in the market, affect our skin. Why not then, take a little more effort and consciously shop for organic colors, this Holi! 



Here is a list of safe, organic and natural Holi colors that you can shop for, to enjoy this colorful day to the brim with your babies and toddlers, without being worried about allergies and rashes.



Shunya Alternatives present Antarkranti Naturals, which are hand-made colors; made from maize starch, flower petals and other edible ingredients. These colors are available in packs of 3, 5 and 7 colors. They come in an eco-friendly pack and are completely handmade by prisoners of Tihar Jail under the Prisoner Reformation & Rehabilitation Program.


Natural Mantra has Vedic Delite Organic Gulals made from organic herbs that are clinically tested. 



Organic Shop sells Aura Herbal Holi Box which helps in conserve our biodiversity as they cause no harm to the myriad life forms that live in the soil and water. They also stock Omved Herbal Colors - a set of three colors - Manjishtha Red, Indigo Blue and Harad Yellow, that are made according to ancient traditional formulations using natural extracts of flowers, fruits, medicinal herbs and seeds. They come in jute bags and are perfect for you to go green this Holi. 



Eco Tokri retails Organic holi colors made from Temple Flowers thereby contributing to conservation of resources, keeping pollution out of rivers. These colors are made by an NGO that works diligently with people who are differently abled.


Green Practices have eco-friendly holi colors made from natural ingredients like roots, herbs and parts of plants like Haldi, Kumkum, Indigo, Rice, Arrowroot.


Organic India stocks herbal colors with a natural fragrance that is available in four colors - Red, Pink, Blue and Yellow.



Joy by Nature presents brands like Organica and Vegetal Lustrous Herbal Gulal that are non-toxic and chemical free.


Amazon India also stocks variety of organic brands under one roof – Sattvic, Silk, Pukhraj, Rang Dulaar, Pavittram, Amora Herbal and Raw Ritual’s organic holi colors to name a few. 


You could also try making natural, organic Holi Colors at home. Read this article or watch this video below to get ideas. Nothing else could be safer yet colorful. A truly natural way of marking the arrival of spring! 




Come on parents, let’s skip the synthetic colors this holi and opt for earth friendly, eco-positive and skin-safe colors. Please remember to apply a coat of coconut oil on to your baby’s skin and hair before you set off to play holi, this forms a protective layer on their skin and helps in getting the colors off easily after the holi party. Dress your children in full-sleeved clothes and glasses, so that the colors or sun do not affect their skin and eyes. Encourage your older children and toddlers to use Pichkaaris instead of throwing water balloons, as they are extremely dangerous. 



Place your orders today to get your deliveries in time and have a radiant holi! 


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