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Excerpts of LiveChat with Khyati: Mom-Baby nutrition: Part II

Excerpts of LiveChat with Khyati: Mom-Baby nutrition: Part II

30 Mar 2016 | 3 min Read

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Q. My daughter is 7 months old. What all veggies I can introduce to her at this age? What all veggies I can introduce to my 7 months old daughter? Can I introduce citrus fruits as well?

A. Oh yes, please do so. Always do a test 1st – start with 1 tsp a day if in 3 days there is no negative reaction, feel free to slowly increase the quantity.


Q. Would like to know which foods should I give my 2.2 year old boy for good height? Since we r both not very tall…

A. Ensure your little one gets enough protein and calcium, that is what most diets lack in especially in children. It is not just milk but a lot of pulses, dals, green veggies in the diet, will ensure his growth happens at optimal levels.


Q. Please suggest a diet for new moms in nuclear families. As in taking care of new borns, we tend to skip meals at times.

A. It is not that bad dear, ensure you keep a time table for your self- I always tell my clients who tell me they skip meals due to lack of time – would you not leave all to visit the loo? Consider this as your trip to the loo – UNAVOIDABLE.


Q. What food should I give to my 2.2 years old boy for good height growth. None of us are very tall.

A. A lot of our scholars were vegetarian, a lot of our warriors too were vegetarian. So relax! There is enough nutrition filled food even in veg.


Q. My queries are: 1. Can one take Wheatgrass powder while breastfeeding? If yes, then what would be the quantity? 2. What other Superfoods can a breastfeeding mom add to her diet to supplement on missing vitamins, when cooking and eating is a luxury?  

A. Wheat grass is ok to take early morning empty stomach. The other supplements – I’ll need to know which ones are you talking about – are these from your previous charts with us?

A breast feeding mom needs very few calories extra (400) to 500) – it is the same as that in a cheese sandwich, so, a wholesome meal with good amounts of proteins and good fats like I suggested above, are the best options a feeding mom should have.

Unless there is a deficiency that is clinically proven, there is no need to take additional supplements.


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