Tips to take ‘Extra’ care of the soft skin and cute bottoms of your baby

Tips to take ‘Extra’ care of the soft skin and cute bottoms of your baby

The softest surface is only as soft as a baby’s skin. Nothing can compare with its warm smoothness. As every new mother quickly realises, a baby’s skin is also incredibly delicate, and prone to infections and rashes. Diaper rash, intertigo, prickly heat, seborrhea, and eczema are all a part of growing up, and are the way your little one adapts to life outside the protection of the womb. Knowing a little about common skin ailments and how they can be treated may help you keep calm when you see the first hint of rashes or dryness on your precious bundle. 


Bathe an infant sparingly

Protect your bundle of joy from common skin problems by adopting a regular skin care routine early on, as per her skin type. Since your infant is not rolling in the mud or playing with the dog just yet, a daily bath is not a must-do. In fact, repeated bathing can dry out the natural moisture of her skin, and it is recommended that you drag the bath tub out only three times every week. As long as you change the diapers frequently, wipe well between changes, and use a bib or a burp cloth when feeding, you will be keeping the important areas clean anyway!  Also try using diapers which are specifically designed for new born babies, like the Mamy Poko pants (Extra Small), which has softer elastic and no tapes. When you bathe the baby, make sure you use a mild un-scented soap, and follow it up with a soothing lotion or oil. 


Everyone, from your doctor to your mom, and from your best friend to the internet, have told you that rashes are something all babies have! And yet, when you see the first hint of them on your little one’s skin, it is but natural to feel worried. Take a deep breath, and inspect the rashes closely, noting carefully where they are and what they look like, so that you can describe them to your doctor if needed. The next thing to do is to clean the area by gently washing it with warm water and a gentle soap. You could also apply a protective hypoallergenic lanolin-based ointment to it. If you don’t have something on hand, dabbing the affected area with a baking soda solution will help too! 



Touch therapy

Babies need physical proximity, and a massage is, for an infant, what a hug is for an older child. Find time to give your baby an oil massage, and give her the benefit or increased circulation while strengthening your bond with her. If your baby is prone to dry skin, or skin inflections, make sure you use an oil such as coconut oil which resists infections and sooths rashes.

Diaper Rash

A restless baby with diaper rash can give you sleepless nights, and it is advisable to try your level best to prevent its occurring. Changing diapers frequently, wiping the baby’s bottom carefully with a disinfecting wipe such as Mamy Poko Wipes, and allowing time between changes to let the skin dry out are the best way to keep rashes at bay. Try applying a zinc-based lotion every time you change! 

Everything about your baby is perfect, and a little attention to detail can ensure that her skin stays perfect too! Resist the urge to dress her up in synthetic fabrics no matter how cute she looks in them. Sticking to loose-fitting cotton clothes is the best way to keep her skin aired and dry. Avoid talcum powder which may block skin pores, or perfumed baby products which may trigger an allergy. The person who understands your baby the best is you. Let your instincts guide your decisions and you are sure to have a baby glowing with health in your arms!  


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