Making Informed Choices About Viewing JUNGLE BOOK 3

Making Informed Choices About Viewing JUNGLE BOOK 3

This was a spectacle I had been waiting to see with my family. As a huge fan of the Rudyard Kipling’s Classics, I thought it was normal to watch a movie based on the book series that was, in the first place, designed for kids!

But there’s been so much uproar about it being inappropriate for kids; much more so after Mr. Pahlaj Nihalani decided to mess with the minds of parents. Well! Well! 

Anyways, I still went ahead and took my 5-years-old with several chidings on how he could sit in my lap if he was scared. Sitting on the edge of his seat was what he did in the entire movie!! We saw the 3D version and have no regrets whatsoever. (2D may be a better option for kids below 3 years)


What thrilled us to bits were some never-before-seen special effects. Virtually, this movie is a treat. With realistic animal characters, intricate depictions of the jungle and life-like character rendering;  the film’s visual-effects team has created a superb sub-continental setting.This amazing imagery of Indian flora and fauna could've fooled my son into believing that they were real! My son loves the song ‘Bare Necessities’ and was delighted that it made its appearance in Jungle Book 3.


The plot is quite straightforward and typical. The story concerns little Mowgli as he is forced to leave his own home in the forest after ‘Shere Khan’ marks him for death. Initially guided by Bagheera, he is eventually in the company of Baloo trying to cope with the primeval needs of survival. There is ample of drama, huge suspense and some major kickass action animations!


I seriously doubt this. With blazing eyes, ominous voices and scintillating background scores, there are some parts of the movie which may be a little startling giving the illusion that the animals are pouncing out on you. But that in itself if the entire purpose of a 3D movie now, isn’t it?

Also then arises the question about whether is scary or not. Sure it is, but just a teeny weeny bit. There is no fun in a movie if the bad guy isn’t projected as bad or the light and sound comprehension doesn’t convey the suspense and drama. There are a few BIG scenes (like the one where Louise creeps up) that can be rather startling. But then, it is not something that will keep your kids up at night. 

Best said, do take your children but prepare them for some awe and shock. This is not an animated tale of cute and cuddliness but more of grit and survival. There is a lot to learn about love, family and togetherness. Filled with emotions, this movie left us a little misty eyed.

So Mr Pahlaj Nihalani, thank you for the unwarranted publicity. But unless the ‘U/A’ certification is allotted on account of the fact that the animals are all naked; there isn’t anything to scar the kids!!


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