Top 6 preschools in Navi Mumbai

Top 6 preschools in Navi Mumbai

14 Apr 2016 | 5 min Read

Preeti Athri

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Navi Mumbai is jokingly termed as the city with more schools than children. And when you’re spoilt for choice, looking for a worthy school is a tough task for parents with young kids. A lot goes into selecting the perfect preschool. The staff needs to be friendly and passionate about children, the curriculum needs to be holistic and the premises need to be child-friendly among many other things.

I believe, that along with the above mentioned criteria, parents must select the preschool that gives them good vibes as soon as they walk in. Here are some of the top preschools in Navi Mumbai to make your choice a bit easier. 

Podar Jumbo Kids

One of the most reputed preschools chains in India, Podar Jumbo Kids has an extensive preschool network spread all across Navi Mumbai. The highlight of this school is its holistic development approach. The curriculum is a culmination of the best of global education practices from the likes of Reggio Emilia, Montessori, Rudolf Steiner and Tagore. Areas such as a child’s diet, safety and physical development are also part of the teaching methodology. They stress on parent involvement with the school activities to a large extent, making it one of the top preschools in Navi Mumbai.

Centers: Across Navi Mumbai

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Kidzee is considered a pioneer in early childhood education in India. With more than 1500 centers in over 150 cities, Kidzee believes every child is unique and aims to develop their potential. It has a propriety pedagogy called ‘Illume’, India’s only University-certified preschool curriculum. The Illume Kit is designed keeping in mind that a child can learn through multiple pathways. The curriculum also focuses on a child’s attitude and life skills, a must for overall development. 

Centers: Across Navi Mumbai

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The Learning Curve 

 The Learning Curve is also one of the top preschools in Navi Mumbai that believes each child develops in several areas simultaneously and it is important to hone potential skills in a child related to each of them. They plan their curriculum based on the theory of multiple intelligences where children engage in first hand experiences to develop each type of intelligence. Learning Curve offers parents a unique ability to view their child in the classroom from the confines of their homes.

Centers: Across Navi Mumbai

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If you are looking for a friendly, cozy, neighborhood preschool, then Cocoon is the place to send your child. The team at Cocoon adds a personal touch to everything through your preschooler’s journey. The school is bright, airy and is safe for curious minds to go exploring. Their highly involved staff aims to enrich physical, mental and social growth of the children. 

Centers: Nerul

Wunderbar Kids 

A creation of the founders of Vishvajyot School Kharghar, Wunderbar Kids goes that extra mile to record every child’s individual progress minutely, to help teachers decide the next course of action. Hence, each child’s curriculum is personalized. This record diary can then be used by parents at home, when they notice a skill being exercised by the child at home. This ensures parents’ involvement as well.

Centers: Across Navi Mumbai 

Tree House 

Tree House is one of the fastest growing names in the preschool network. It believes in providing a conducive learning environment for little minds with innovative and tried and tested teaching methods. The team at Tree House believes in educating the child in each activity taken up by him/her. Making new friends and nurturing creative expression are two key areas focused on for preschoolers. This is supplemented with activities from language to motor skills.

Centers: Across Navi Mumbai 

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Rainbow Bridge 
Rainbow Bridge follows the Waldorf pedagogy which stresses that children need to be introduced to everything softly, gradually and gently. It believes that there is more to school than reading and writing. There is emphasis on activities which educate the head, heart and hands. Everything in the classroom is made up of handmade, natural materials, much like the innocence of children. You will not see charts or boards in this school, but a lot of toys and aids that help imaginative play in children. 

Centers: Belapur

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