7 Evergreen and Fun indoor games that your kids will love!

7 Evergreen and Fun indoor games that your kids will love!

When I grew up in Ahmedabad, where the blazing sun and unbearably hot winds keep the children indoors for the most part of the day, we never missed the outdoor fun in the afternoons. There were no full day TV channels then, and certainly no gadgets! But, we had so much fun indoors playing an assortment of games with friends and cousins. The best part is, those games are as exciting today as they were back then, and will keep your children amused till the sun starts fading and the evening draws in.


Here are some interactive and fun indoor games for kids.

Board Games: Remember going up and down the Snakes and Ladders? Or Scrabble Junior? It’s still one of the best, even with so many new word games available in the market. Or how about Sequence for kids? The classic card game is tweaked to suit the young kids. And how can I even forget Monopoly Junior! It will just never go out of fashion.

Twister: After almost 40 years, it is still a hot favourite with kids. Kids love the challenge of balancing their bodies on the colourful mat. However, what they love more is collapsing in a heap of tangled limbs and laughter. 

Blocks: Blocks are a few of the most traditional indoor games for kids. Whether it’s Lego or Jenga, kids will never outgrow the excitement of building a tower of blocks. While Lego is more creative, Jenga is all about maintaining the balance. But, at the end of the day, both are equally thrilling.

Living in a tent: Open up a collapsible tent or create a makeshift tent with your old dupattas or sheets. Switch off the lights, drawn in the curtains, throw in a flashlight, some food, books and a blanket for your kid to experience tent life. 

Card Games: There is no better way to while away time than with cards. If you do not have Uno or any other card game, a standard deck of 52 cards is all you need to keep your child busy. You can play simple memory games or slapjack with your child.

Tea Party: As a child, I loved throwing tea parties for my dollies and my friends. Your kids will love it too. Arrange all the soft toys and dolls in a neat row. Now, take out the kitchen set. You might have to arrange for some sandwiches and dry snacks, and some iced tea. Serve them on little plates for all the toys and your child’s friends. Even with no friends around, your child can comfortably host a tea party for her dolls.

Visit to a salon: Little girls have always been fascinated with their mother’s cosmetics and hair accessories. Lend a few good quality make-up items like lipsticks and rouge (in mini packs, preferably), brushes and hair care items like combs and clips of various shapes and sizes, to your young daughter. Let her invite her friends over for a makeover session. Or book an appointment with your favourite salon assistant yourself. She will love it, even if you, umm, don’t! Well, what are wet wipes for!

Play these games on afternoons, and you  will find your children looking less out of the window and also not yearning as much to go out and play. 

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