5 Tips to keep your baby cool in North India’s summer

5 Tips to keep your baby cool in North India’s summer

Hot summers + power cuts + uninvited mosquitoes = an upset baby. Sounds 

annoying, hunnn?  But hey, this can be worked around. Here are some amazing hacks to keep the summer troubles at bay if you are set to fight the scorching, dry heat in Northern India this summer:


1. Keep the House Cool & Safe:

• Draw the blinds and curtains in the morning so that the direct heat is impassable during the hottest time of the day.
• Use baby’s net bed or mosquito nets for night time for an undisturbed sound sleep.
• Regularly clean and change the water of the storage tanks to minimize the risk of breeding insects.
• Reduce the consumption of heat energy sources like tube lights, televisions, ovens etc.
• Avoid steam as much as possible by covering cooking pots or by using less hot water
• Do plant some indoor plants because the research says it’s a natural way to purify and cool air.
• Use the traditional water cooler (it can make the air cooler than an AC and is healthier too)
• If water is not scarce, you could hang thick, cool sheets on your window grills or balconies. The air passing through it offers temporary respite.
• If you can lay your hands on ‘khus’, plug some on large windows or openings. It’s the best natural cooler!
• If you’d like to go the traditional way, get some earthen pots for storing drinking water (You could buy one with taps for ease of pouring). The water will be cool enough to drink and at the same time not chilled, like in a refrigerator.

Now, that your house is cool, play lots of games with your baby and try 5 Awesome Indoor Toys for Summer!


Image source:tinitrader


2. Choose the Right Clothes:

• Pick breathable and loose fitting clothes
• Be light with layers, your baby actually doesn’t need as many layers as you think
• Always check for temperature before dressing up your baby
• Don’t forget to use a hat and a full coverage tee when your baby is out in the sun.



3. Increase Water Playtime:

• Every baby loves the water and summers are the best time to cheer the water love. So, fill an inflatable tub and don’t forget to add his/her favourite bath toys in it
• To beat the heat, play lots of water games like bathe a doll, throwing water with a water gun, transferring water with a sponge etc.



4. Offer Some ‘Thanda, Thanda’ cool cool foods and drinks:

• Keep your baby hydrated by offering lots of fluids.
• For babies younger than six months, frequent breastfeed sessions and formula milk bottles will be perfect for battling the blaze
• For children older than six months, offer chilled mango pulp or shakes, watermelon juice, cucumber slices, try a cool summer recipe like raw mango cooler or visit a popular ice-cream parlor, trust me, it will be a treat for your little one!
• Increase the overall amount of fluid by around 50% to make up for the dehydration due to sweat.


Image source: toysplash


5. Give your baby a summer makeover

• To defeat the sweat and itching, a short haircut may help keep his/her head cool.
• On the hottest days of summer, allow your little bird to roam freely in the house with just a diaper or a short pant.


Image source: Aliexpress


So, if you are in North India this summer, these tips should help you keep it cool and keep your baby and you Cool and happy too! 

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