Mommy will be right back Series: Unforgettable Moments of an Expecting Office Mom

Mommy will be right back Series: Unforgettable Moments of an Expecting Office Mom

I was still getting used to the work from home regime. But, I couldn’t help remembering my earlier office days. Especially, the days of my final trimester. With my unruly hair, sloppy clothes and big chunky floaters, I would waddle along the office corridors. My pregnancy swag was in full swing. By end of day, all I wished for was a bed and a foot massage on my drive back home. 

Tough as it may be, some moments are truly unforgettable for an expecting office mom

1. The Magician’s endless snack -out- of- the- bag trick: I would walk in office every day with a big bag filled with snacks. It would resemble a picnic basket packed for 10. I was like a magician performing a magic trick. And out of the bag came 1 boiled egg for post breakfast, cut fruits for after lunch, steamed veggies for evening, a milk shake for any time hunger & a granola bar in case of emergencies. 

2. The Even longer meetings: Imagine a meeting with the entire department or worse a review meeting with very senior people. At one such meeting I entered along with my entourage – laptop, notebook, cell phone, water bottle, soft pillow and emergency snack. I made a mistake of occupying the front seat.  The meeting started and our department head addressed key concerns on the budget figures and targets. In the midst of the intense discussion, came a crackling sound.  All eyes turned to red-faced me and my failed attempt to sneak a bite of my snack bar.  To add, numerous times after thinking to myself “Oh no, I gotta go… again”, I with my baby bump had to make way outside. At first, it was embarrassing but then I realized how privileged I was. I was the only person who could eat and leave the meeting whenever I pleased. No one could stop me. No one.


3. They handle with care: People I didn’t know suddenly smiled at me and those who I knew suddenly gave me the care stare. Loving the feeling, I did use it to my advantage for the last elevator space and cafeteria seat. I had the VIP pass. Once, a very urgent approval was required and I had waddled down in person to seek it. Others felt so guilty that I was made to make the herculean walk. My approvals thereon came in an instant. 

The Mommy gang showered me with their valuable advice. My buddy always checked in on me to see if I’m fine (thanks partner in crime). A colleague of mine almost had a heart attack while giving me a ride in his car coz he was just so nervous.  

The biggest support ironically, came not from other moms or HR but from my male boss and super boss. Having a good boss in pregnancy is the best baby shower gift one can get. Being a new dad himself, he guided me and shared baby tips. Working from home on occasions was welcomed. In fact, he ensured I wasn’t under stress. On a difficult day, my boss had once texted my hubby to persuade me to take it easy and go home. What meant the most was when he stood up for me during assessment time when I was a new mommy at home!

Of course, it’s a pain getting up in the morning after a sleepless night or sitting at the desk with swollen aching feet. But these special moments, the satisfaction and love one gets while working is worth it. If you are an office going expecting Mom,  I wish you, of course, a healthy pregnancy and I also wish you a happy office!


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