12 Reasons Why You Should Be Making Love During Your Periods

12 Reasons Why You Should Be Making Love During Your Periods

12 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Just like how some women find farts, burps and armpit pit hair gross, some men find periods gross. They get squeamish and basically freak out with the idea of sex during your periods. Yes, it is a very normal reaction but come on…what’s a sword without some blood on it!

Many doctors themselves have confirmed that having sex on periods is the best thing your partner can do for you. There are so many advantages of doing it when you’re being visited by “Aunt Flow”. Here are 12 best reasons to get naughty this period:

1.It helps you get past those horrible cramps. When you’re about to have an orgasm, your body releases dopamine and oxytocin which elevate your mood and physical feeling. Therefore helping you overcome that feeling of a fat man sitting on your uterus!

2.By having sex on your periods you’re enlightening yourself and your partner by walking over the stigma that speaks negatively of periods and women’s bodies.

3.Get lucky and say goodbye to long periods!

4.You will feel like playing hokey-pokey, a lot and seeing this, your husband will probably feel happy too! Basically, you’ll feel sexier and your hubby will find you more appealing.

5. Wanna build a closer relationship with your only boo? Jump into the sheets and get moving and loving! Having sex during periods can build an entirely new level of understanding between you and your husband.

6. You shouldn’t even be worried if your man pours his fluids inside you because this is the time when there is absolutely no chance of pregnancy as fertilization cannot happen at all.

7.It isn’t that messy after all. On an average, a woman bleeds around 30-40 ml of blood every time she’s on her periods. That’s why she bleeds for 3-5 days each month!

8.Leave behind the extra lubrication you keep needing otherwise. During your periods your body will produce enough fluids to keep you wet and you can keep going at it without any fuss.

9. So what if it gets messy, you can always shower and clear the mess away anytime!

10. Studies have shown that having sex on your periods will just help you initiate unleashing your wild side. You’ll be so turned on that it will lead to increasing your man’s ego.

11. Everybody is at it! Yes, it is weird to admit it but everybody is doing it! Nobody talks about the hot period steamy sex and intimacy experienced because the blood grosses them out. But they love doing it.

12. Your food cravings will be heightened so instead of grabbing that bar of chocolate, pour some on your man and get freaky in the sheets!