Why Kung-Fu Panda 3 Makes It Such Fun!

Why Kung-Fu Panda 3 Makes It Such Fun!

One of those mother-son date evenings, we walked in to watch Kung-Fu Panda 3! 

Honestly, after the Kung Fu Panda 2 I wasn’t expecting much out of this one and kind off just tagged along because I couldn’t send my son alone.
This movie surprised me. Though it caters more to the kids-only end of the family spectrum, I really wasn’t disappointed. This is a good example of what modern movies should be - light, dynamic, colorful, with good music and a clichéd plot.

It was bouncy, zesty, comic characters at their best and a good make in the final chapter to a great series! A plethora of colours, fancy and new panda characters and a lovely sense of motion throughout the movie can’t be missed.  The fact that they are all animals flying around in the most amusing and perhaps ridiculous fashion had my son in splits. On the level of broad physical comedy alone of the tiger, mantis, snake, rhino and of course, the panda - “Kung Fu Panda” is pure fun. 

The movie commences with Master Sheifu wanting to retire and handing the reins of teaching to Po. Predictably, the panda in all his clumsiness, still manages to fill the screen with the flair of martial arts. One of the great charms of this franchise for me are the beautifully woven emotions of family bonds which reflect in the possessiveness of the adoptive father goose and the longing to instil ‘Panda-ness’ into Po by the new father. Yes!! Po finds his long lost father panda in this sequel.

As the beautiful re-union is taking place, a former foe of Master Oorway threatens to destroy Master Shifu and everything in the Hill Village. True to the name of the Dragon Warrior, Po in all his Panda sloppiness emerges victorious against the evil forces of the bullish looking warrior antagonist Kai. 
It is a simple plot with straightforward narrative. The intricacies of lost Po re-bonding with his panda family in an ‘out-of-a-fairy-tale’ village and all of them fighting in unison with inner peace and strength make for good impressions on children. 

I highly recommend it on the virtues of a fun-entertainment piece with take-home messages of family love, inner strength and victory of good over evil. So don’t just send the kids, go watch this movie with them!


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