A complete guide to baby’s developmental milestones from 6-9 Months

So you are past the sacrosanct breastfeeding period, your baby can probably sit up and play now, responds a lot more, and probably even sleeps much better now. Yet you can’t stop admiring how beautifully his/her hands and feet are growing! That’s like a Mom! For most other things, don’t get too worried every now and then. Here’s your all-time ready reckoner for your baby’s development milestones from 6-9 months: 

6 - 7 Months 

Physical Milestones


Most babies cut their first tooth at around 6- 8 months, so always watch out for your baby’s first sign of teething. It may come along with a bit of distress (cranky baby, baby trying to chew on everything s/he gets around), but don’t worry that’s just a phase.

Motor Skills

  • Sits with own arm’s support without anyone’s help.
  • Uses fingers and hands to pick and drag small things towards her
  • Starts recognizing own image in the mirror
  • Rolls in both directions
  • Might begin to stand on feet with support
  • Crawling backward before taking any step forward
  • Plays and finds toys which are partially hidden
  • Bangs and shakes toys


  • At the age of 6-8 months, babies tend to sleep for around 14 hours a day, which includes 11 hours of night sleep and 2-3 naps during the daytime


Cognitive development Milestones 

  •  Interested in picking all kinds of objects around her
  •  Mouths almost everything which is in hand
  •  Focusses on things which are not in her reach and reaches out for help if she can’t get it.
  •  Responds to music and shows interest in different sounds
  •  Starts reacting to “NO” by repeating the same kind of activity


Eating/Feeding Milestones 

  • At this stage, try feeding your baby solids only after milk feeds. You could also try self-led weaning. 
  • For formula fed babies, 4-5 bottles of milk should be given to baby – Amount will vary between 600-800 ml a day.
  • For breastfed babies, 5 breastfeeding sessions or feed on demand works best.
  • Initially, your baby will eat only 2-3 teaspoons a day, but very slowly you will see your baby’s diet increasing to 1-2 bowls per day.

(This will remain same during the 7-9 months)


Communication and Language milestones

  • Starts babbling with ma-ma or ba-ba sounds

Refer to the complete guide on speech development milestones here.

Social and Emotional Milestones 

  • Might begin to show signs of stranger anxiety
  • Smiles or gurgles into laughter when he/she is happy
  • Shows love and affection

Read how to find out if your child is going to sensitive, even though at this age stranger anxiety is normal.


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7 - 8 Months

Physical Milestones 


  • Your baby is likely to have a growth spurt in this month, be ready with recipes for additional feeds.

Motor Skills 

  • As the pincer grip develops, your baby might attempt to self-feeding by trying to pick food using thumb and finger.
  • Should be able to stand up with support now
  • Puts hands together for a clap
  • May learn to crawl


Cognitive or Mental Milestones

  • Begins to recognize things from memory
  • Will enjoy games like peek-a-boo or finding hidden toys
  • Starts responding when any family member is called out. If you say ‘where is mummy or papa’; the baby will try looking around for mother or father.
  • Understands short phrases like ‘come here’

Eating/Feeding Milestones

  • May start chewing, perfect time to introduce finger foods or mashed foods


Communication and language milestones 

  • Says mama or papa, but not for addressing parents because your baby still doesn’t know the meaning
  • Can say bye or hi by waving hand


Social and Emotional Milestones 

  • Separation anxiety may continue or start, if it hasn’t yet
  • May show happiness by clapping

8 - 9 Months

Physical Milestones


  • Most babies show a mind growth spurt in this age by having a special connection with their favourite toys or objects

Motor Skills

  • Stands properly with support
  • Maybe able to walk with support
  • Can sit down on his/her own and without support
  • Tries to stand by pulling
  • Starts proper crawling
  • Moves things smoothly from one hand to another


  • At the age of 8-9 months, babies tend to sleep for nearly 13 hours 30 minutes a day, which includes 11 hours of night sleep and 2 short naps during daytime


Cognitive or Mental Milestones 


  • Follows things when they fall
  • Follows or tries to find objects which you hide in front of your baby


  • Loves to taste everything around


Communication and language milestones 

  • Becomes an attention seeker, makes or copies sounds to get it
  • Tries to understand words and links meaning to them
  • Understands your body language and reacts according to your facial expressions
  • Uses finger to point out at some person or thing


Social and Emotional Milestones 

  • Might show strong stranger and separation anxiety but might begin to recognize more people who your baby sees regularly 
  • Shows love towards his/her favourite objects and toys


 Red Flags: When to ask your pediatrician for help 

  • Doesn’t sit even with support  
  • Doesn't respond to sounds or expressions like crying or smiles
  • Doesn't show love to mother or father or to closed ones 
  • Doesn’t try to reach or grab any object
  • Doesn't make eye contact at all
  • Doesn't roll in any direction
  • Looks very floppy or stiff
  • Doesn't sit or stand even with help
  • Using one hand more over the other
  • Improper eye movement like crossing or turned in or out most of the times
  • Doesn't respond to loud sounds
  • Doesn't react to anything 
  • Can’t stand even with support 
  • Doesn’t babble or make sound
  • Doesn't like to play any game like peek-a-boo
  • Doesn't recognise familiar faces 
  • Doesn't follow or look at your pointed object
  • Doesn't move things from hand to another
  • Doesn't respond when your baby’s name is called out

Even though this guidance on development milestones are from authentic sources, do consult your paediatrician if you see a variation. Most of all, remember that every child is unique and different, so they may be too early or too late on some of those milestones. 



So worry less, and enjoy the journey the way you are blessed with it!


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