How to care for your new born in Summer

How to care for your new born in Summer

28 Apr 2016 | 3 min Read

Seema Kazi Rangnekar

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Babies need to be cared for in every season. However, summers, with its soaring temperatures can bring its share of woes, which in turn can make your baby irritable and uncomfortable.

Your baby is getting too hot, if she is sweating, cheeks are flushed, hair is damp, has a heat rash. You need to ensure that your baby is cool and comfortable at all times. Following are some ways to take care of your baby during the summers: 

– During the hot season, your baby may sweat. Bathing your baby regularly, at least twice a day or more, if your baby likes having a bath will keep her comfortable and help her sleep better. The water should be lukewarm and not too cold. Always check the water temperature before bathing your baby. Pay special attention to washing your baby’s neck, armpits and all folds in your baby’s skin, while bathing. Pat your baby dry well afterwards.


– Ensure that you make your baby wear only cotton clothes which can breathe. Synthetic clothes may increase your baby’s discomfort and cause rashes.


– Dehydration – Avoid getting your baby dehydrated. Even though your baby does not sweat, s/he loses fluids. Rapid breathing, restlessness, warm skin, a flushed face are some signs of a baby being dehydrated. Babies below six months should not be given any water. They should just be nursed frequently.


– Watch out for Sunburns – If you have to step out in the sun, make your baby wear full sleeves and full pants made of light cotton. A wide rimmed sun hat is also essential to protect your baby from direct sun.


– To avoid heat rashes or prickly heat caused due to sweating and clogging of sweat glands, keep your baby indoors away from the heat as much as possible. Avoid carrying your baby for too long in a sling or a baby carrier, as this makes babies very hot and sweaty.


– Some babies may get rashes due to talcum powder, while for some it may help keep the baby’s skin dry. While applying, do make sure to keep the powder away from your baby, so that your baby doesn’t inhale any of it. Look for signs of rash, if any, and discontinue using talcum powder if there is.  


– You can apply any light oil for massaging your baby during summers. Make sure that you wash it off well while bathing. There should not be excess oil on your baby’s skin which might block the sweat glands. On the other hand, no oil at all can make your baby’s skin dry.


– Watch out for skin allergies to baby wipes and body lotions during summers. They can cause irritation and dryness of the skin in some babies. If your baby has eczema or dry skin, apply a suitable body lotion to keep the skin moisturized after a bath.


– Keep the temperature in the room comfortable, whether you switch on the Air conditioner or the fan. 


If your baby gets severe heat rashes, dehydrated or gets a fever, do contact a doctor. 

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