7 Must-know Safety Essentials while travelling with your kids in summer

7 Must-know Safety Essentials while travelling with your kids in summer

The pictures The final school bell has rung, the schoolbags are packed away and our kids are ready for summer vacation. This is a good time to take a long family holiday. However the sun, scorching heat and humidity often make it difficult to enjoy. There are definitely challenges when it comes to keeping kids safe and healthy while travelling in summer. Here are a few tips so that you can have fun with your kids without feeling uncomfortable!


Destination: Choose the destination cautiously. Avoid extremely hot places and choose cooler ones. I personally prefer Mountain destinations during summer. However sea side and lakes are also good.

Mode of travel: Ideally long road trips are exhausting during summer. Try to travel between sunset and sunrise. Avoid travelling during afternoon. Remember that you should never leave children alone in the car because the temperature inside will rise to dangerous levels quickly on a hot day.
Sunscreen: It is important to avoid direct sun exposure, which can lead to skin and eye damage. Very young babies should be kept out of direct sunlight. For babies older than six months and toddlers, use a barrier sunscreen that contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Older children should wear a sunscreen of SPF+30 or greater. 



Clothing: Make your kids wear light coloured, preferably cotton clothes. Make them wear flip flops instead of shoes. Use sunglasses, and hats to keep their skin safe.

Hydration: It is extremely important to keep the kids hydrated during summer. Do not wait until a child says he is thirsty before offering fluids. Be sure to provide plenty of fluids before going outside, while out in the heat and afterwards. Carry separate water bottles for each and let them sip from it frequently. Other than water, also give them cool drinks like lassi, fruit juices, fresh juicy summer fruits and jal jeera. However, avoid road side food. 
Food: During summer, the temperature and humidity is just right for many microbes to grow which usher in ill-health. Therefore it is very important to be careful about what you feed your child. Strictly avoid roadside food and oily or spicy food. If possible, carry dry snacks along with you. Give them only bottled water. Don’t serve foods that have been sitting out in the heat.

Hygiene:  While you’re travelling, make sure your children wash their hands with soap before eating. Hand sanitizer or a pack of antibacterial wipes will work in a pinch; the latter can also be used to clean off potentially dirty utensils before you use them.



First Aid Kit: Keep a well-stocked first aid kit that includes over-the-counter pain medicine, antiseptic solvent, ointment, a cold pack and bandages. If your child has any allergies or asthma, keep his/her regular medicines as well. Have your paediatrician’s phone number in your speed dial. Seek medical attention immediately for any signs of heat-related illness.

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