A dad who fought the world all alone to bring his baby home

A dad who fought the world all alone to bring his baby home

3 May 2016 | 4 min Read

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It’s not unusual for inspiration to strike, but few have the gut and gumption to truly follow their hearts led by inspiration. Aditya Tiwari, a 28-years-old single, adoptive parent to an 18 months-old son, just did that and has clearly set a very high benchmark for every parent in the world. In a candid conversation with Aditya who made one of the most positive news in 2016, we, at BabyChakra, discovered a loving father, a spirited young man and yet an amazing human being.

Very early in life, Indore-based Aditya was determined that he wanted to adopt a baby. On his first visit to the Missionaries of Charity in Bhopal in September 2014, a 5 months old baby curled up his fingers around Aditya’s and turned him into a father-at-heart forever! It took over a two-years-long ordeal; which involved exposing corrupt organizations and closing down a couple, reaching out to the Who’s Who in this country including the Union Cabinet Minister for Women & Child Development, Maneka Gandhi herself and finally getting them to change the laws of India; for Aditya to bring his little one, Avnish home in January 2016. 

What is even more magical, is that Aditya kept in touch with Avnish to whichever agency he was transferred to and always felt a heart-to-heart connection with his boy. This was no ordinary man’s stuff as circumstances were always against him. He chose his ‘choice’ over the ‘circumstances’, which is not-so-common, atleast in India. 

What we haven’t told you yet, is that the little boy is afflicted with Down’s syndrome and his otherwise affluent biological parents, gave him up at birth for that very reason. To the father in Aditya, it was hardly a problem even though he was clueless about Down’s syndrome. He searched on Google, reached out to experts, but never had an iota of doubt in his mind about adopting the little boy. He won in his love for his son truly! Aditya was advised against adopting Avnish in very harsh words by multiple people on multiple occasions. Today, Aditya proudly puts up smiling, standing pics of Avnish on his Facebook profile which he has intentionally made visible to ‘Public’.

On asking about his family and any resistance from them, he admits “There was…but they were right in their place and I was right in mine. If my parents didn’t bring me up in the way did, I wouldn’t have been able to do this. Today, they are helping bring up Avnish and that’s what matters!” The daycare at his workplace also has been helpful, he told us.

We, at BabyChakra, see hundreds of questions from mums on various aspects of child care – health, learning, play and many others. So we naturally asked Aditya, if he ever feels concerned about what little Avnish will eat or how must he take care of his health. To that, Aditya amazed us by saying, “It’s just the natural process of raising a child with love and care that I follow. Does a couple undertake any preparations for child care when they conceive?” So true, that is! And when you are a shining star, the whole world follows you. Thousands of parents, parenting groups, child health organizations have now reached out to Aditya assuring him of all support that he requires to ensure Avnish’s health and well-being. We’d love for Aditya to benefit from BabyChakra and its community as well 🙂

Just like you must be wondering, what are Aditya’s thoughts on marriage and seeking a life partner’s support in raising Avnish, we were curious too. “I am open to marriage to a girl who will accept Avnish the way he is, and am not bothered about anything else whatsoever”, replied Aditya. “There will be many others who think like me. I am not the only one”, he added.

Aditya is truly a ‘Dad Star’ and one of the brightest ones in the constellation of India’s parents!

We wish Aditya, a fabulous fatherhood and little Avnish the most blessed childhood and a beautiful life ahead! 

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