How To Make Your Child Learn. Everyday!

How To Make Your Child Learn. Everyday!

28 Apr 2014 | 3 min Read

Dhara Mehta

Author | 15 Articles

Understand how does a child learn and enhance his/her learning.,.

Parents, did you ever think chores could be fun? Or a simple conversation while waiting at the traffic signal could lead to an innovative idea from your junior Einstein! Read on to unveil some teachable moments in your lives…


1. Laundry time:

A boring chore like laundry could be converted into a perfect time to teach various pre math skills and concepts like pairs, sorting and matching.

Ask the child to pull out two similar coloured clothes from the pile of laundry or to find a matching pair of socks. Your child can understand textures by simply experiencing how different dad’s towel feels as against his soft night suit!

2. Shopping cart:

Understandably one of the most dreaded times for quite a few parents with children running all around the store or bawling on the floor insisting they get their candy. Some parents constantly snub the child not to touch things on display as they fear that the child would drop or break things on display.

How about asking your child to write (or draw) things he/she wants to purchase? Hand over your shopping list also to the child. Together you can read what item is next on the list and use the child’s observation skills to identify the item from the display rack. Keep talking about expiry dates, recycle symbols, tetra packs, fresh and frozen foods, healthy and junk snacks, expensive and cheap products, dairy and poultry products all the way to the billing counter. Shopping shall no longer be a dreaded chore and the number of concepts your child can learn through one shopping trip, it will be totally worth taking him along every time!


3. Avoid speed dials:

Allow your child to make calls for you by letting him find the numbers on the phone and dialling whenever you are making a call. You could also help your child memorize important numbers of family members by practising it frequently. Avoid speed dials and let your child dial for you… it may take a few minutes more but will be worth it!

4. Fun on the road:

City traffic can be unpredictable and annoying for adults as well as children. While you sit in the car and gaze at the red light why not teach your child how a car functions and the different symbols and buttons on the dash board – what are their functions and importance. You could also show him different road signs and what they mean. How about a quiz by asking him to spot the next ‘one way’ sign for you?

5. Real life incident:

A four year old boy and his mother were stuck in a traffic jam. While the mother was thinking aloud which road to take to beat the traffic, her son very calmly mentioned ‘Mamma don’t you worry! I am going to grow up and create cars with wings so that in such traffic jams we could just fly with the click of a button!’ Didn’t I mention simple conversations could bring up innovative thinking?

The best thing about teachable moments is how spontaneous they are. Just have an open mind to tap them so that you don’t miss on the fun!

Happy Parenting (and learning along with your child)!


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