Should You Or Should You Not Watch Mother's Day Movie?

Should You Or Should You Not Watch Mother's Day Movie?

Planning to watch the movie - ‘Mother’s Day’ this weekend? We have put together a set of reviews for you to get a sample of what the movie has in store. But you know best and a trip to the movie may just be the thing to do!  

Mother’s Day is a light-hearted comedy, crisscrossing the lives of a varied set of unrelated individuals, each one trying to fix their relationships with their own mothers. One is likely to stay tuned through the entire film due to the humour quotient interspersed with emotional moments. And leading Hollywood ladies, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson do not disappoint.  


Here are reviews from across the world and closer home: 

'A goopy, glossy mess with 10 times more respect for contrived sentimentality than for film grammar' – The New York Times 


“Mother’s Day is an unending atrocity of bland conversations, many of which features clearly dubbed-in lines to make sure the most sophisticated audiences never get lost”- The Guardian


“Mother’s Day is an embarrassingly slow-witted film about mommy issues”- The Hindu

The only thing that makes Mother’s Day stand (out for me) is the presence of a salwar-kameez and sari-clad Indian woman, who plays Mandvi’s lively mum. – The Indian Express


First, the good bits. Julia Roberts still has it. She's still got the kind of smile that can brighten up a room and warm the coldest of hearts. And when we do see her on screen, she owns it. Blame the poor editing for not stitching together a film that has several parallel - albeit, pretty simple - stories but no coherent flow that holds it all together - The Times of India 


Ok so, not very kind. Let’s move on to some audience reviews. 

I think this movie was exceptionally funny and light hearted. I saw it with three generations of mothers and loved its depiction of motherhood in this era. I highly recommend seeing this movie if you want a light, sweet and funny movie. - Marisa Perry


This was a great movie! I enjoyed every part and it was funny and even made tears fall, just what a mother needs to see. Thank you for finally having a movie that shows how life is or can be - Cathy Motcheck


You may feel a personal connection with the film due to the unique bond you share with your mother/daughter. So give it a shot.


Here is a quick link to the trailer if you may like to watch before you book your tickets:


If you choose to watch the movie, do come back and leave your review here.

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