Are you sure you are paying enough heed to breastfeeding hygiene?

Breast milk is nature’s food for every baby. It is known that breast milk is not only easily digestible but most importantly boosts their immune system helping the baby grow and develop.


Babies nurse through nipples on the tip of the breasts. As the mother, therefore, you must maintain good daily personal hygiene for your baby’s and your health. Mothers who do not maintain good hygiene expose their babies to germs and when an infant suckles, there are high chances that they will get sick. It could result in fever, diarrhea, vomiting, developing a gaseous abdomen and loss of appetite by the baby.

It is very important that the mother washes her breasts and nipples properly every day. It is sufficient to wash with plain water during the daily bath. Avoid using any strong soaps or body washes, as the strong chemicals can dry the skin in this area, robbing it of its natural moisture. If at all required, use mild soap or body wash while cleaning your breasts and nipples. This will help keep various diseases and infections at bay.

Keep perfumes, deodorants, powders, baby wipes and body lotions away from your nipples. They can cause irritation and dryness of the skin around the nipples. The Montgomery glands present in the nipples secrete natural oils which lubricates the nipples.

Further, you must change your bra and breast pads, in case of any milk spills as this may cause a yeast infection and may even cause mastitis – a severe inflammation of the breast tissue. 

In case of sore or cracked nipples, apply a lanolin based nipple cream, which is safe for babies. Just ensure you gently wipe the nipples with a soft cotton cloth and water before breastfeeding your baby.

In case any complications arise during breastfeeding,  do reach out to a Lactation consultant for help immediately. Also staying in touch with other breastfeeding mothers can help you learn from their experiences. 


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Hello Reeti I'm using medela breast pump..they recommend air drying or wiping the bottles with a clean towel.make sure there are no tiny threads on the cloth which may cling onto the bottle

I'm using chicco breastwipes..are they recommended?

One more way to reduce nipple pain is to apply your breastmilk to nipple that soothes your skin n helps . U can use coconut oil as well n wash with water before feeding

Don’t know if my question is relevant to the topic of discussion going on. Pardon me if it is not.
My question is how to dry breast pump parts after sterlizing. I. Am not convinced with the idea of air dry, Lot of germs and flies can contaminate the parts and also it takes ages to dry,

I wish I knew this before

hello fkm..plz make sure that baby latches in proper way that is maximum part of areola not only nipple and also apply ur breast milk after each feed it prevent crack...ghee is also effective

hello..  I experienced the same thing .. no matter how many times I went to the doc.. no amount of pain killers and creams helped me.. I was crying during every feed with unbearable pain.. then an aunt suggested to apply ghee .. before feed u can just wipe off the ghee .. it's not harmful for the baby also... it helped me a lot and eventually I dint feel pain anymore.. do try it out..

my nipple is paining and I have sore and milk spills sometimes  when baby sucks my breath stops for a sec nd I get black out nd extremely pain baby latches properly nd he is a week old . due to pain my right shoulder is also paining . doc gave betadin nd nip care cream of use himalaya baby soup to wash it thn feed.  I can't wear bra mdthyg touching nipple give me unbearable pain nd sometimes I get fever.  had c session a week ago .Please help

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