Mother’s day gifting ideas that you were looking for, as a Dad

Mother’s day gifting ideas that you were looking for, as a Dad

Dear Daddy, 

Your wife went through an amazing journey of pregnancy and childbirth, to crown you the Dad you are today. I am sure you want to make her feel special too especially on Mother’s Day. Your wife knows that her baby is too small to gift her; so, you as a husband, have a golden chance to do something special for her!


So, buckle up and gift your wife something that you took efforts to make! Here are some quick and easy gifting ideas:

1. A Greeting Card

All-time HIT! A hand made beautiful card with some heartfelt message would always make your beloved drool over it for quite some time. A cherry on top, if you can get your little one scribble or finger paint over the card!  (Remember, it’s not important for it to look pretty but just the gesture will make her feel on top of the world, for sure!)


2. Become the lady of the house for one day

Take charge of the household chores for that day. Give her a day’s rest and tell her that you are at her service. She will probably love you more than any time ever before!



3. Wish Coupons

This is my personal favourite. Give her 11 wish coupons (decide the count as per your capacity). She can use these wish coupons anytime she wants. (Things you know she always wanted, but you haven’t been able to fulfil her wish yet)


4. World’s Best MOM Certificate

Take an A4 sheet, make a nice border out of colored tapes or just color it out and place your baby’s hand prints in the center. You can even draw pictures, paste nice family photos or help your little one to scribble his own master piece around it. “World’s Best MOM certificate goes to….“ is sure to make her feel proud of herself as well as her doting family.


5. Make a photo frame

Take a thick A4 sheet, use cute stickers to make a border. Write Happy Mother’s Day on it and paste your wife’s and baby’s pic in the middle. You can get it laminated from a stationery store near you.



So go ahead and play your baby’s part on Mother’s Day, this year! 

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