A day out at the farm: In the words of a 4-years-old

A day out at the farm: In the words of a 4-years-old

Apart from eating chocolates, playing nonstop till they drop, or watching their favourite cartoons repeatedly, kids love playing or interacting with animals, especially farm animals. 

We recently had a great experience at a farm in Bangalore. My daughter was invited to a birthday party at The Big Barn Farm. We hadn’t been to one till now and this was an exciting trip for her and she was looking forward to it from the day she got the invite. 


This is how the day came along through my 4-years-old daughter’s eyes. 

My Mom told me that I was invited to little girl’s second birthday party, I was super excited. “Are we going to my favourite play area mummy”? I screamed in delight. But she said this was a different birthday party and we were going to a farm. “Wow, a farm just like Old Mc Donald’s!” I thought. I had always wanted to go to a farm, there are many animals living there I have been told, like sheep, rabbits and deer. But Mom said there isn’t any deer on a farm because they aren’t domesticated and is a wild animal. I didn’t really understand why they couldn’t stay with the farm animals, they could all be good animals and learn how to share with one another like how I do with my friends.



Finally, the day arrived after waiting for so long and mummy would get mad every time I asked her when would we be going and I must have asked only a 100 times, I don’t know why she gets mad at that. 

We reached the farm after driving for a day, was it a day I’m not sure but it felt like a day to me. I was super excited, all my friends were there and we joined in with the birthday girl to cut the cake. I loved the cake, it was green like the farm and had animals all over it. My friends and I enjoyed the cake and snacks and immediately we were asked to follow our parents to see the animals. I couldn’t wait to meet them and feed them and pet them. 

First stop was at the Cow shed, there was so many of them just chewing away lazily, I fed them some long stemmed leaves and grass that were kept especially for them, my Mom said. They were really hungry and just kept on eating without stopping; I hope they did not get choked because my Mom says we must take breaks between each bite. We even climbed a tree; it was so much fun, just like monkeys!! After that we met few ducks and fed them some leaves again but they did not seem to be so hungry like the cows. Probably they had already eaten and were full. 

We later reached my favourite farm animal, sheep. I love looking at sheep they are so fluffy, but they were a bit smelly, I think they need a good soapy bath. I was so excited when I saw a small baby sheep; my Mom said it was a lamb. He was so cute just like a puppy. I love puppies, but there weren’t any puppies in the farm. Later, the uncle who takes care of the animals brought a rabbit; its fur was so silky and soft. We also went for a ride on a cart, my Dad said it was like a bullock cart; I did not know what a bullock was and started laughing. My Dad explained that it was a type of a bull that pulled carts. But I got a bit confused because this cart did not have any bulls pulling it but an uncle driving it holding a small handle. I think the bullock was taking a break; it was quite hot that day. 



The heat made me tired too and could see my friends were tired as well. The rabbit was the last farm animal. We then had lunch and I was so happy to get my return gift which was a jar full of crayons with a horse toy stuck on the lid. The gift was especially for me, it had my name on it that’s how I knew. I loved every bit at The Big Barn Farm and will come here again, because I have to meet the bullock and maybe then there will be puppies too. I can’t wait for my next trip here:-)

That was all from my daughter! If you get a chance, do visit a farm with your child – the happiness may be beyond words!


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