The Brightest Stars: Our Super MomStars

Why they love BabyChakra


BabyChakra is a blessing for moms! It helps to connect with like-minded moms, where they can share helpful information and experiences without hesitation. It feels good to be a part of Babychakra, a platform where u can get all the help needed for parenting. 


I love BabyChakra as it is a one-stop-solution for all my worries and queries.You have any problem, you can post it and the reply will come very quickly and promptly. Really amazed to be a part of such a helpful group.


Babychakra is a great platform for all moms to seek information related to baby's/kids well-being. The content, reviews, articles by other Mom Stars have helped me to make decisions for the growth of my son more effectively. As a Mom star, I am happy that I can be part of this great community and can contribute my views and opinions to help other moms.

What they love about being a Mother


For me, being a mother to both my kids has been a blissful journey. Parenthood has made me feel proud, while Inurture, protect, care and guide the kids. My kids are naughty when they are together and I enjoy those moments thoroughly as they will never come again in life. Every single day, they bring out the best in me. I strive to give them the best of everything in life. Parenthood actually makes me feel the unconditional love. I love the way they make me feel as a whole. Without them, I am incomplete. They are my lifeline and my heartbeat.


I love everything about being a parent.The responsibilities and love that a child showers and brings with him is not measurable!


As a parent, the growth and well-being of a kid is first priority. I love growing up with him again and experiencing the childhood which I don’t remember.

What they love about their children


Raashi is supercute and the way she talks is very heart touching. For her age, she is very mature. The way she takes care of her brother is what I love watching her for.Shlok has a superb smile, one of the most innocent smiles I have seen. The way he calls his sister ‘baby’is adorable! 


My child is my life line.He is my heart and soul.One thing special about him is that he always shares the last bite of his food or savouries with me.Love you to the moon and back!


Each child is special in his/her own way. The unconditional love that my child offers is the greatest gift I can ask for. His constant bantering and curiosity, keeps me on my toes to make myself more aware about things around.

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