3 Fitness Tips For All Moms Who Want to Get Back to shape

3 Fitness Tips For All Moms Who Want to Get Back to shape

26 May 2016 | 4 min Read

nutan khimasiya

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Following an exercise routine can be struggle for anyone and everyone. As moms, it seems like a distant dream, when you can’t even go to the bathroom undisturbed?


Before becoming a mom, I was a Lecturer at an engineering college and followed a fitness regime after work. Add to it my marriage in a joint family household, I felt proud about being a master multi-tasker!

Then came my sons — my perfect, double trouble. Yes, I am blessed with twins! They taught me that everything I thought I knew about managing my time was a joke!


Between caring for kids, job, household chores, doctor’s visits, school and all the rest, there is often very little time for me to exercise. Finally, I became uncompromising about my fitness routine and worked things around my already hectic schedule.

Based on my experience, here are  a few tips that can help you take that first step towards fitness.


Block your time


Schedule workouts as part of your day and make it non-negotiable. Make sure your in-laws, maids and everyone else knows that’s your gym time. When your kids are napping or are busy with their favorite activity/play, you have atleast 20 minutes of uninterrupted time while they are calm and busy. Opt for some high-intensity interval training (HIIT) at home and 10 to 15 minutes are all you need for that. Check videos on YouTube and follow them. Try making an alternative arrangement for your kids if they must be attended to, during that time. 


Work out before the day starts. It was days after pregnancy when I realized it is not going to start ever and I have to do something about it. If I waited until after work, I’d never get my daily dose of exercise. There are just too many commitments that come up. Also it gets that much more difficult to push yourself to exercise after a day’s hard work. No one will schedule a meeting at 5:30 a.m, for example. So that’s my ‘me’ time. At that hour, you are likely to be done before the kids wake up or you start your daily routine.


Accept the time you have and plan a possible workout – maybe a Run or a brisk walk to pick-up your kid from school or the time s/he spends at an activity class. Or those 30 minutes on WhatsAPP and Facebook, can come down to 10 minutes and you have the balance 20 for workouts!

Include kids in your exercise routine


There is probably no “Me time” as a parent with a toddler running around in the house? Working out with kids, and they see that Mommy is a strong woman who enjoys working out,”. Children love to move. As your children grow old, workouts can be bonding time.


So just hit the garden along with your kids and use the jogging track while they run around or enjoy their rides.New mommies could use a stroller to take your baby along and head for a walk. Find a fellow new mom on the block for staying pepped up to walk every day. You could consider wearing your baby and talking a walk too! 


Don’t Get Stressed!

As long as you are committed and doing the best you can, don’t loose sleep if you miss a day of exercise. Don’t compare yourself to other moms, do the best you can on your own terms.

Make your health and well-being a priority. When a Mom is happy and healthy, everyone else is too!


Share with us your concerns, if any. If you already have a fitness routine, share your tips in the comments below.

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