13 Ways To Show Your Husband That You Need Him By Your Side

13 Ways To Show Your Husband That You Need Him By Your Side

18 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Most people struggle with having just one full time job. Imagine dealing with a handful of them. That’s what it means to be a mom, having a professional career and a marriage.You have routines to stick to, and no time for special moments with your husband. But with time you realize you have to let him know how much you want him to be there for you. Here is how small gestures can make a difference:

1. Drop him notes

A busy work schedule and a routine life with the kids can eat up your time with your husband. But communication is everything. So communicate through little notes, say you love him, crack a joke and leave it on his bedside or over his laptop.

2. Send voice notes

If you are not into writing long messages or texts, you could get cute by dropping some adorable voice notes. Drop him a message to see you after work for a coffee or sing out a few lines of his favorite song.

3. Talk it out

Pull him closer to you and have a conversation. Nothing feels better than letting him know that he is important to you and that you need him. Reminisce some old times, and talk about how you’d like to relive them. If something is bothering you don’t let it slip, speak it out.

4. Cook together

Make it a weekend schedule to get him to cook with you. You can discuss food, travel and find out if your choices and likings have changed. You connect and confide in each other all over again.

5. Fix a dinner date

It doesn’t have to be a one-off thing to go out for a date. Arrange for the kids to have a weekend class or spend time with their grandparents and you can take some time off for a night-out. It can be a movie, dinner or even a double date with your friends.

6. Walk along

Tell him that you’d love it if he could squeeze 15 minutes for a walk before work. A morning catch-up can make you both feel better. It is a great way to reflect and tell each other that you both are around.

7. Ask him for a hug

This can sound funny or even very normal. But when is the last time you shared a long, warm hug? A hug that is not a hurried one? It can be so comforting and a beautiful moment.

8. Hold his hand

Again, this might sound rather basic but one just forgets to express affection through little ways. Holding his hand, and telling him you love him, could say so much.

9. Talk about parenting

Whatever may be the phase of your parenthood, it is only wise to discuss how you want to bring up your children together. It is not bad to have timely conversations and share your goals on parenting.

10. Make plans for the weekend

It is okay to be a little demanding about spending some quality time with your better half. And an outing or a weekend getaway need not be very lavish. An early morning drive on a Sunday, before everybody wakes up is perfect.

11. Get him to work with you

Even the fact that both of you divide your chores, only means that both of you are supportive of each other. While one of you may be busier than the other, you can sort out a way to work with each other at home.

12. Share a book about your life and goals

It is a sweet, creative gesture to hand out a book to him, that you think tells your story better. Or share a book that has changed your life. It is a great way to see if both of you are on the same page

13. Ask for advice

This may not be about anything very serious. It could be a situation that you came across or anything else that you probably read about. This is a nice set up to understand what he thinks about situations or people. And improve your understanding of each other.











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