Make These Bubbles at Home And Watch Your Kid Chuckle With Glee!

Make These Bubbles at Home And Watch Your Kid Chuckle With Glee!

Blowing those bubbles from store bought bubble making sticks or toys was always fun for my son but they barely last for a day. So began my quest for making it at home so that we could use the same toy over and over again instead of buying a new one every time we felt like bubbling.:-)

I discovered a simple and easy way of making soap bubble liquid at home. So here it goes - a simple, quick, safe and effective way of making the biggest and most stable bubbles you can! It is so simple, even children can make it, but for younger children, please exercise supervision.




How to make Bubble solution at home?


Makes (About ½ cup solution)

1) Liquid soap- 1 TBSP

You could use dishwasher soap or liquid detergent. I tried both Vim Liquid as well as Genteel Liquid detergent. Both gave good results.

2) Cornflour- ½ TSP
I used normal cooking cornflour which is very smooth in texture. It should be almost like talc.

3) Sugar- 1 TSP
I used normal granulated sugar and left the liquid as is to let the sugar melt in it. You can try powdered sugar, and let me know how it worked.

4) Water- ¾ Cup
Of course, you need some water to mix it all together.




In a bowl, mix all ingredients together, and then fill them up in your old empty soap bubble solutions bottles or containers. Leave it aside for at least a day for the solution to settle and sugar to assimilate.

You may have to adjust consistency by adding water. If for some reasons, you find the liquid to be a little whitish in color, you may have added a bit more cornflour than needed, add a few drops more of liquid soap/detergent to balance it out.
In our case, we keep doing hit and trial and finally came up with this mixture. You can keep experimenting till you get the bubble solution right!



Do share your experiences as comments below and a picture of your toddler having Bubble Fun here.


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