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It’s no ordinary cliché that motherhood changes your life forever. It truly does! Even simple things like having a bath in peace, or eating a meal alone becomes a challenge when your head, heart and virtually whole body wants to attend to that little bundle of joy for every drool & burrp of hers


Now when you think of household shopping at a supermarket, mall or the neighborhood grocer every fortnight or month, it seems nearly next to impossible. For me, as a mother of now a 2-years-old toddler, it was no different either. So reality struck and I told myself, “This needs to be done!”. Thus began my quest for online stores for grocery and household items, which offer good deals. (Who doesn’t want to save a penny?!).


I am an avid online shopper and used to buy from Big Basket, Grofers, Local banya earlier. While I was browsing through random updates on Facebook, I discovered this site called www.buyample.com. We were constantly looking for offers in D’Mart or online stores and Ample seemed like a legit option. The first time around, I bought diapers, milk, atta and oil. I still remember the feeling when I received the order! I ran up to my husband and showed him that we had saved up to 20% as compared to the other places we shopped from! The buying experience too was awesome and now I order everything I need through it. 


I’ve used both the APP and the website, it’s quite smooth, simple and easy to navigate. Finding items is easy and yes, the payment process is hassle free. The experience has been way better than other online delivery services. They deliver in 24 – 48 hours at a convenient time slot, always check availability before coming and also accept payment on delivery. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised by the clean and good cartons that my goods were packed in when they arrived! (As opposed to those dirty baskets which a couple of other online grocers drag into your house:-))


What I simply love about them is the fact that they offer wholesale prices across categories. Also, you can avail the discounts anytime you buy, no redemption of coupons, no waiting for offers. The only difference here is – one needs to buy in ample quantities. I actually don’t mind doing that at all since the consumption of items like diapers, wipes, household items, groceries and even kitchen items is constant. The best part is that I can buy all standard brands and am assured of great quality. Now, I even buy up to 2-3 times per month and end up saving 20-30% every month, on an average.


What makes me visit them often though is that little ‘extra’ they offer to the customer. I must share this experience with you. Once, when I bought Basmati rice from Ample, I was called by their team to inform me that it was of a near expiry date and they could offer the next best substitute as they understand that rice has a higher shelf life. Now this no one else did before! That was the day I became loyal to Ample:-)


In all my experiences with them, what I have always felt about them is that they are a bunch of well-trained guys who respect your time and priorities. If you are looking for great offers on standard brands, I will say give them a try. 


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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Ample.


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