9 Cool Environ Themed Crafting Ideas From The Internet

9 Cool Environ Themed Crafting Ideas From The Internet

24 Jun 2016 | 3 min Read

Bulbul Satsangi

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This year, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is calling on everyone to “go wild for life” and take action to help safeguard species under threat for future generations. That inspired me to look for ideas on the internet as to how to tell me son about endangered species of plants and animals or about recycling environmental resources.

In case you are looking online for some cool DIY activities too, you can get help in these sites.

1. If you wish to make amazing animals, birds and insects using discarded, recycled items like jigsaw pieces, leaves from the garden, even bread clips, go to this amazing website and get inspired. mothernatured.com/children


Source: mothernatured


2. Create awareness about endangered species of plants, learn how you could use an old tyre and  create a beautiful plant hanger, along with more such crafts here bestoutofwaste.org/craft-ideas-for-kids/.


Source: bestoutofwaste


3. Show your children how they shouldn’t waste paper, and reduce acute deforestation happening due to chopping of trees. Help them recycle their gift papers with these cool ideas. bestoutofwaste.org/clever-uses-of-leftover-wrapping-paper/


Source: bestoutofwaste


4. Tell your children not to throw away their empty strawberry milkshake takeaway and convert it into a cute Frog instead. Did you know that as per the first worldwide assessment of amphibian populations in the year 2004, the Global Amphibian Assessment- found that 32% of species were globally threatened, at least 43% were experiencing some form of population decrease, and that between 9 and 122 species have become extinct since 1980? Show your little ones how important frogs are for the aquatic life. favecrafts.com/Earth-Day-Crafts/16-Recycle-Crafts-for-Kids


Source: favecrafts


5. Pidilite’s hobbyideas.in/diy/best-out-of-waste has got some amazing ideas on how to create something good out of waste items lying around the home.


6. Check out this amazing website for coloring pages, free printables and awesome board games and crafts for learning about the environment. 



7. Teach your children about importance of water and why they shouldn’t waste it. Use this website for ideas. kidzone.ws/water/index.html


8. From plastic bottle chandliers to cork pendants, this is an amazing resource for slightly grown kids. kiddley.com/2013/06/06/world-environment-day-10-recycled-crafts/

Source: kiddley


9. For some more brilliant ideas, visit : artsycraftsymom.com/15-recycled-crafts-for-world-environment-day/

Once you try these crafts with your child/ren, do post pictures here with details of the activity. If you have any thoughts or new ideas on crafts for children, I will be happy to learn from you. Do share your comments!


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