37 school supplies that you could stock at home

37 school supplies that you could stock at home

The new academic session has started and you will hear from school often to send your child with some craft/stationery materials for different activities they do. Running to a shop on a random weekday may not be feasible always, so why not stock up some basics at home. Pre-school children also tend to lose stationery materials often, so comes in handy for replacements as well. My advice based on my personal experience is that go for standard stuff and not the fancy ones – it’s impractical otherwise, children get into unnecessary competition because of the apparently ‘cool’ tools.

Writing Supplies

1. Pencils
2. Erasers
3. Sharpeners (Many schools do not allow children to carry sharpeners. In that case, you don’t need too many of them.)
4. Rulers
5. Pencil Box (Yes, they keep losing them)
6. Notebooks
7. Brown Paper to cover books and notebooks (You will be surprised how often you need to cover the books. Little clumsy hands keep tearing them)
8. Labels for books
9. Folders to send assignments and projects to school (Remember folders with multiple pockets and zippers sometimes do not fit in school bags. They are also heavy to carry. So stick to basic models.)
10. Folders to store Assignments and projects at home
11. Sturdy Backpack

Source: blog.finestationery.com

Art Supplies

1. Colour Pencils
2. Crayons (Plastic Crayons are more sturdy for little hands)
3. Crayon Sharpeners
4. Finger Paint Box (like Rangeela)
5. Paint Brush
6. Sponge Brushes
7. Apron
8. Water Based Markers

Source: fashionablyorganized.com

Craft Supplies

1. Glue Stick
2. Fevicol Tube
3. Blunt Scissors (Many schools do not allow children to carry scissors to school. However, you can keep at home for use.)
4. Sticky Tape
5. Chart Paper (In All sizes)
6. Craft Paper
7. Handmade Paper
8. Craft Punches
9. Stapler
10. Decorative materials
11. Googly eyes
12. Ice cream Sticks
13. Drawing Sheets

Source: theodysseyonline.com

Lunch Supplies

1. Lunch Box
2. Snack Box
3. Water Bottle
4. Hand Sanitizer
5. Napkins for Lunch

Source: aliexpress.com


1. Umbrella
2. Raincoat
3. Socks
4. Handkerchief
5. Printer paper
6. Printer Ink

These are the things which I like to store at home. It mostly saves me from sudden trips to the market. This is also easy to replenish when supplies get over. If you think I missed out on something, suggest in the comments box below so that I can add them to my list too!

You could also try out some awesome DIY crafts at home with these materials. You may find these ideas interesting: DIY ‘Best Out of Waste’ environment-themed crafts with my child, DIY Farm Animal-Theme based activities for Toddlers: (Part 1, Part 2)

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