5 Fun Ways To Get Your Child To Eat Fruit!

5 Fun Ways To Get Your Child To Eat Fruit!

As I grew up, I always troubled my mom when it came to eating fruits. Some fruits I loved; others I never even considered. I am sure there are lots of mothers out there who have a similar problem with their kids! As someone who (finally!) realizes the importance of regularly eating fruits, I love sharing yummy dessert recipes containing fruit with my family and friends.

In this article, I will highlight some quick tricks to twist your fruits into something creative so your kids will love eating fruit - if they don't already!


Message on a Banana


Using a toothpick, fork or pencil, lightly write a message on the banana. After about 3 hours, you will see the message has darkened and your message appears on the banana (as if written with a sharpie).


Messages could include something personal, something cute, a reminder, or just a heart or smiley face
You can write the message the previous night for breakfast time surprise or at breakfast time for a lunch time surprise

Let us know if you tried this and what your loved ones said.

P.S.: This works great for love messages too - tried and tested :)


Who doesn't love Jelly(o)! But have you eaten a jelly slice like a fruit? Even better - have you eaten a red orange slice or a blue lemon? Here's a twisted way to delight your family and friends and most importantly kids!



Use any fruits like oranges, lemons, or even watermelon. Cut in half. Scoop out the fruit to keep the thick shell/outer skin as a holder for the jelly. Now, using jelly mix, make the jelly solution. Fill the empty fruit skins and let the jelly set in there. Once jelly is set, cut these jelly fruits in slices and serve chilled. Easy-peezee



The presentation idea works best with bright colors (example: red jelly inside an orange or blue jelly inside a lemon).

This is a great idea for parties and daily desserts. Also a great activity to do with your kids.

P.S.: This works well for jello shots too! ;)


Who would have thought that making kids eat a whole fruit would be such a task? But wait, did you know that presenting food as a way of learning or something of interest, can actually make fruits and veggies enjoyable food for kids? Here are some interesting presentation ideas!

Palm trees using oranges, kiwis, bananas - arrange on a plate as shown.



Apples and grapes as a car - using (half) toothpicks, insert grapes on the sides of apple slices. You can use green, red, or black grapes, or even cherries for the wheels.

Orange and grape butterflies - slice oranges or sweet limes (horizontally) and cut each slice into 4 quarters (pieces) - arrange each piece around 3-4 grapes as shown.


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