A complete guide to baby’s developmental milestones from 9-12 Months

A complete guide to baby’s developmental milestones from 9-12 Months

Now, that your little crawler has started moving around, you may want to consider babyproofing your house to minimize injuries. As your baby is on the wheels now, you have to be on your toes. You will also find your baby babbling or making a strong bond with the family members. 


9 - 10 Months 

Physical Milestones


At 10 months, the baby crawls very actively which means a lot of movement and a slight downward trend in weight chart too (as your baby starts burning more calories ;-)). Also, babies at this age hardly gain more than 700 grams weight. So, don’t worry, being active is a good sign! 
(This will remain same during 9-11 months)

Read here some fun-recipes to keep your baby healthy and chubby!


Motor Skills

• Uses hands to wave goodbye and to point out things
• Can crawl very well and fast
• Stands up with support and might even take a few steps while holding your hand or furniture (You may find him/her practising standing during sleep too)
• While holding the furniture, he/she can squat or sit back down
• Can sit confidently without any support
• Might try to crawl up stairs
• Can even pick small things with finger and thumb (pincer grasp)
• Uses both hands to hold or do two different things
• Can change positions easily from sitting to crawling, crawling to pivot and so on 


• At the age of 9-10 months, babies tend to sleep for around 13 hours 30 minutes a day, which includes 11 hours of night sleep and 1-2 naps during the daytime
(This will remain same during 9-12 months)



Cognitive development Milestones 

• Understands the word “No” 
• May start remembering things for last 24 Hours
• Tries to copy almost every other person’s action
• Understands small two-word instructions
• Tries to seek objects which are hidden in front of him/her


• Turns and reacts on familiar sounds like his/her own name, doorbell etc.
• Might get scared with some specific sounds like cooker whistle or mixer noise
• Responds to music by swaying his/her body as in rocking, bouncing etc.

Eating/Feeding Milestones

• Can eat everything from fruits to grains, try introducing finger foods
• You will find a drop in milk feed, so try giving adequate solids
• For formula fed babies, 4-5 bottles of milk should be given to baby – Amount will vary between 600 ml a day until your baby is a year old.
• For breastfed babies, 5 breastfeeding sessions or feed on demand works best.

 (This will remain same during 9-12 months of age)

Communication and Language milestones 

• May start saying ma-ma or pa-pa to the right parent
• Understands simple sentences, e.g. “Where is bunny”, he/she may point at the bunny 
Refer to the complete guide on speech development milestones here.

Social and Emotional Milestones 

• Show frequent emotions of caution and fear, especially due to stranger and separation anxiety
• Smiles at everyone who he/she meets or might even shy away and hide his/her face
• Waves bye-bye to every familiar person
• Shows attachment towards favourite toys or objects

Read how to find out if your child is going to be sensitive, even though at this age stranger anxiety is normal.


10 - 11 Months 

Physical Milestones

Motor Skills 

• Easily climbs up and down on sofas, chairs and other low height furniture’s
• Moving and cruising chairs and small tables
• May take a few steps without holding your hand or anything else
• Few babies also try to stand on the toes
• May starts enjoying stacking cups or linking toys


Cognitive or Mental Milestones

• Understands how to open and close a drawer
• May starts stating objects with particular words like “mum” for water
• Attention span increases at this age


Communication and language milestones 

• May start saying few self-made words like “Dooh” for milk or “moo” for cow
• Actively participates in conversations with continuous babbling and unformed words
• Can point out people or objects which you name in front of him/her
Social and Emotional Milestones
• May start feeling comfortable with a stranger for a short duration of time
• May start telling about own needs or what he/she wants
• May start grabbing and throwing things just to gather attention



11 - 12 Months

Physical Milestones


At 11-12 months, most babies triple their birth weight and increase 50% height over birth length. Their head circumference is not less than their chest and has at least 1 to 8 teeth. 


Motor Skills 

• May starts turning pages of a book
• Stand without any support and sit-down without any help
• Starts dropping, banging, shaking and throwing objects
• Starts feeding himself/herself with hands and fingers
• Might start walking or take a few steps
• May starts playing simple ball throw game


Cognitive or Mental Milestones

• Easily finds any hidden object
• May start playing pretend play
• Follows one-point instruction like “come here” or “give me that paper”
• May start trying to follow fast moving objects
• Understands the simple commands and instructions properly
• Understands the existence of objects when they are out of sight
• Helps in getting dressed by raising arms or putting leg out
• Starts using index finger to point out things
• Starts putting things in and out from a box or container


• May start responding to his/her own name


Communication and language milestones 

• May start copying animal sounds
• Responds in return when an instruction is given or a request is made
• May start making exclamations like “Oh-oo” or “O-O”
• May try to copy words

Social and Emotional Milestones 

• Might start saying at least 2-3 words along with mama and papa 
• Starts crying when mother or father are not around
• In certain situations, may get scared

Red Flags: When to ask your paediatrician for help 

• Doesn’t crawl at all
• Doesn't stand even with support
• Doesn't try to find things even when he/she saw hiding it 
• Doesn’t say single word, not even “mama” or “papa”
• Doesn't know how to wave a hand or shake head
• Doesn't point out things or seek help
• Forgets her/his already learned skills
• Doesn’t make any eye contact
• No interest in sounds
• Doesn’t respond or react when own name is called out
• Doesn't understand any instruction
• Doesn't show any emotion, not even sadness
• Often uses one hand over the other

Based on my research and personal experience, I have tried to be as accurate as possible, however, if you have any disagreement with these milestones, do consult your paediatrician.

Happy parenting and keep your cameras ready!!


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