Must-read book for your preschooler: The Very Lonely Firefly review

A lot of children’s books, especially those for 2-3 year olds speak of farms and meadows, the bright sunshine, and all things we see during the day. Only a select few talk about little things that happen under the moonlight once the sun says goodnight. In the bookstores, you may walk past them as they don’t catch the eye, thanks to somber pictures set against dark backdrops. But these books contain stories that open up to a world that children seldom see but are definitely curious about. Eric Carle’s The Very Lonely Firefly is one such book.

Carle’s pictures set against the dark, navy blue skyline will captivate even young, frisky eyes. So if you thought only bright, colorful picture books appeal to children, prepared to be proved wrong. The narration is smooth and silky flit through the pages with the firefly hoping that he will find his friend soon. It is a great book to teach your preschooler new words. 

Read it to your child. It will easily fly into your list of favorite bedtime reads, and flash its light into your hearts.

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